Open Line Friday

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters and Birders (seems a lot of you share my interest in birds!)

My Sun or Rain, Little Bird quilt seemed to do the trick–the sun came out yesterday!  –always notable here in Minnesota, where the forsythia bush is just starting to turn yellow and the grass is barely green.  The sunny day gave me a burst of energy so I spent the day cleaning and purging and pulling out NEW COLORS–like this vase quilt.


OPEN LINE FRIDAY–Everyone Asks, Everyone Answers!

Ipad Woes

Some readers are still having trouble with their iPads–small photo sizes.  I haven’t changed anything here…

Can anyone shed light on this problem or how they fixed it on their iPad?

Popping the Thread

One reader is having trouble popping the thread to the top when beginning to stitch…Here’s my method

  • Place quilt under the needle
  • Hold top thread taut
  • Needle down (either push button or hand wheel)
  • Needle up (either push button or hand wheel)
  • Quickly pull up on top thread–that should do it!
  • If not, check to see that both the top and bobbin are threaded properly

Favorite Solids

I use Kona solids for most of my quilts, but even though they have 303 choices, I still want more choices…

Kona Color Card

I purchased some ten inch squares (See the Little Bird Quilt) and a package of fat quarters from Craftsy’s new Boundless collection–and I really like the look and feel of them as well!  If you are interested, use my affiliate link HERE (I get a little something toward my “Tuesday Tutorial” fund that way.)

Boundless Solids

Photographing Quilts

I’ve had several questions about the best way to photograph quilts, so I thought I would highlight that information whenever I can.

First, I always use natural light from a window and add overhead lights if necessary.

Focal point is important…Notice in the photo above, I focused on the flowers and the quilt is blurry.

In the photo below, the focal point is on the quilt, and the flowers are blurry.

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

What about YOU?  Do YOU have any questions?  any Answers?  Any Comments?

What do YOU do when Spring arrives?  Do you quilt as often?

We’d LOVE to hear!


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