Another Art Heist!

Andy Warhol, Soup Cans, Lori Kennedy Designs

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The Pop Art Community was stunned last week when seven of Andy Warhol’s iconic soup cans were stolen from a Missouri museum.  (No guards on duty at night!)  Read more at NBC News.

Did you know that stealing art is one of the most profitable criminal enterprises in the world today-with losses exceeding $6 billion a year!

One of my favorite things to read about is Art Heists! I blogged about it HERE (Art Heists:  Captivating Reading)

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The Gardner Heist

Stealing Rembrandts The Untold Stories of Notorious Art Heists

Art Heist Books, Lori Kennedy

It’s amazing how many pieces of fine art are in poorly protected places like small museums, schools and universities, business offices…

There’s a $25,000 Reward–(that’s a lot of soup…)

Andy Warhol, Soup Cans, Lori Kennedy Designs

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