Quilting Seasons-Open Line Friday

Hand Sewing, Sulky Thread

Good Morning, Quilters!

It is indeed a good morning in Minnesota!

I always say…there are just three seasons in Minnesota–Beautiful Summer, Gorgeous Fall and Quilting Season!  Winter is very long here–it completely over takes Spring…

We are finally in Beautiful Summer…and I find my quilting habits change.  I’m always restless for something new…

Good news!  All Craftsy classes are on Sale until Monday!!!

Great time to try something new!

May I recommend anything by Kimberley Einmo, Kelly Ashton, Donna Lynn Thomas, Jackie Kunkel, Ann Petersen, Christina Cameli, Jacquie Gering, Barb Eikmeier

Also, I am currently enjoying two classes:  Cook More, Weigh Less by Allison Task (I just made her delicious chimichurri sauce–low cal and fabulous!!!)  and Creative iPhoneography with Holly Jansen.

I love to watch videos while I stitch!

Craftsy Sale


I try to have more portable projects during Beautiful Summer.  I love to have a little hand sewing ready to stitch as I sit on the porch or for long car rides.

(My sisters and I laugh that when we travel we always pack our sewing first…clothes are a second thought!)

Hand Sewing, Sulky Thread

I quickly cut out a few simple shapes and grabbed some Sulky embroidery thread. (I LOVE embroidery thread on a spool-no more knotted skeins–brilliant!)

Not sure where this is going just yet…

I buy my Sulky thread at my local quilt store, Bear Patch Quilting or from Sulky.com

Hand Sewing, Sulky Thread

What about YOU?

Does your quilting change with the seasons?

Do YOU have a favorite Craftsy class to recommend?

Are you still MOVING MORE?

Hand Sewing, Sulky Thread

We’d LOVE to hear!

Storing up Vitamin D here in Minnesota,


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