A Quilter’s Palette

Annie Smith

Photo courtesy of Ann Hammel

Good Morning, Quilters!

Remember when you were a kid and you got a new box of Crayolas?

Maybe you were lucky enough to get the 64-pack?!

NOTHING was better to me than a new box of Crayolas…

But I’ve grown up…

In some ways…
Aurifil Cotton Thread, Lori Kennedy, FMQ

As part of my collaboration with Aurifil Designer, Annie Smith, I received her full collection of 28wt cotton thread to use as I quilted her two quilts. (28 weight thread is very nice for machine quilting–it’s heavier and show up well.  Note-The 28wt comes on a gray spool!)

First, I just played with them…lining them up in different combinations on the insert from my thread box.

Then I started to stitch.

Aurifil Cotton Thread, Lori Kennedy, FMQ

Annie’s quilts are appliqué on black–a new challenge for me.

Aurifil Cotton Thread, Lori Kennedy, FMQ

Once I got started-there was no stopping me….

Aurifil Cotton Thread, Lori Kennedy, FMQ

And there was NO laundry


No dinner


No dusting (does anyone really dust?)

What about YOU?

Did YOUR love of coloring morph into a love of quilting?

Did you outline your coloring pages before you colored them in?

Do you still color?

We’d LOVE to hear!


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