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Welcome to The Inbox Jaunt– the daily diversion in your inbox.  I am the mother of five lovely daughters and one active son.   My husband and I were raised in Chicago, Illinois and currently reside in historic Stillwater, Minnesota. I love quilting-especially free motion quilting, fabric dyeing, photography and flowers. This blog is my attempt to share the many colors of my day.


All of my quilting is done on a domestic sewing machine-I have five BERNINA sewing machines:  B 770QE, B 820, B 150 QE, B1680, and B830.  I use them all!  (Not at the same time…)


I think you will love my Craftsy video (all 5 star reviews!)

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Divide and Conquer Quilting

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I can also be found in every issue of American Quilter Magazine, where I offer free motion quilting tutorials (with lots of photos, of course!)American Quilter Magazine

Please contact me at lckennedy@hotmail.com.

All photos, tutorials and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog and Pin with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For any other use, please contact me at lckennedy@hotmail.com!  Thank you!

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  1. I saw your blog posts from 2012 and 2013 regarding batting. You mentioned planning to try Winline 100% bamboo batting and I was wondering if you have tried it and how you liked it. I have some for a king size bed quilt that I have spent a lot of time on and don’t want to mess up if the batting shrinks too much, beards or isn’t easily washable. Any information from you or others would be appreciated.

  2. I very much enjoy all your hints and tips. What machine do you use for most of your FMQ? I have a Juki 2010Q which I love and am contemplating the purchase of a mid-arm with a stitch regulator.

  3. I’d like to ask for some advice. My daughter both have Viking Sapphire machines. We both love FMQ. We are having issues with skipped stitches when we do straight line quilting especially traveling backwards. (Pulling the quilt towards us). We have tried many things such as new and different needles, different threads, feed dogs up and down, etc. do you have any suggestions?

  4. Hi Lori! Thank you for mentioning Purl & Loop in your blog and taking such a cute photo of Olive & Twinkle Toes. We have had increased web traffic thanks to your post and some of our Twinkle Toes kits are shipping out soon!

    • In one of your free motion tutorials you show how to make a beautiful wave – you call it wind but to me it is the perfect wave I have been looking for. Is this design available to purchase as a digitized design for my handiquilter pro-stitcher?

      Thanks, Judy

      • None of my designs are digitized. I’m not sure how to make that happen. Do you? Does anyone else?

      • Hi Lori,you would need a software program where you create the stitches from either a scanned image or by drawing then saving it in the format you need. I have Embird basic and the add on Embird Studio that is a digitizing program. Embird used to only save files for embroidery machines but they now convert to Quilting files for long arm machines as well. I’m sad to admit that I have never learned how to digitize yet…it’s on the todo list. I have taken a basic machine embroidery quilting design made with a running stitch and converted it to a quilting design for a long arm, it worked well.

  5. Dear Lori
    A friend just shared your blog and I love your quilting designs.
    I was looking through your posts and saw the one from market. The Eat Your Veggies Quilt you saw in the Checker Booth is mine. I’m new to designing and they just picked up my patterns. Please take a look at my website and give me the credit for it. I would greatly appreciate that! Felicequiltdesigns.com

  6. Only found you site a week ago, love it. Question, do you have a tutorial about quilting a large quilt on a domestic machine……..I need help before I tackle mine. tks

  7. I’m looking for reproduction brand feed, flour, grain, etc. sack fabric and have looked all over, Googled the search every which way, but I can’t locate anything. I want to reupholster my kitchen chairs with it. Do you or anyone know where I can buy this from.

  8. Loved your material on the circus. My Grandfather was Ad Man for Ringling. I have several scrap books he kept about Ringling and other circuses he traveled with. The material he saved was given to the Ringling Museum in Baraboo, WI. when he passed away. It must have been a fabulous time. He took movies, way back then, of the elephants raising the tents……..I was born in 1938, and it was before that the pictures were taken. Thankfully, they have been preserved. Love your site Lori, It inspires me every day.

    • Thank you for sharing your amazing story! What was Ad Man an act or marketing? I lived in Wisconsin for many years and visited the Baraboo museum. I’m not sure it’s open any more. Have you been to the museum in Sarasota? It’s fabulous! Also have you seen the gorgeous Circus stamps out now? They’re really colorful.

  9. Thanks, Lori, for the wonderful tutorials. I was wondering if you could be a bit more specific about the thread you use for free motion quilting. With the perfect pumpkin tutorial you mention that it is Sulky upper and Aurifil under. Is the Sulky cotton? What weight is it?
    Is there an affordable, quality thread that you generally recommend for free motion quilting? Basic quilting? Machine Applique?


  10. Lori, your links are not working, I’m only getting input from August 2013 or earlier. Each time I click on your links, I’m told the pages don’t exist any more.

  11. I just recently found your blog and am fascinated by your great tutorials. Makes me think I might even be able to do it! I haven’t had the chance to just sit and play and try things, but I hope to do that soon. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us!

  12. Your tutorials are great and I’m taking your Craftsy class, too! I hope you are considering publishing a book. Even if it just consolidated what you’ve already posted, I’d be first in line to buy. Please consider!

  13. I just read the comment about digitized designs. I thought when I first found your sight that they were digitized embroidery designs. That would open up a whole new venue for you. The designs are perfect for that. I have been embroidering for 20+ years and definitely see a need out there for quilters and embroiders for top quality digitized designs like you have created…not that I don’t LOVE learning how you do this manually of course. =)

    • Hi Ronna,
      Thanks for your comment. I’ve been wondering about digitized designs but don’t really know much about them. Who do you buy yours from? Do you have any information about how this is done?

      Thanks again. A new fall project!

      • Embroidery Designs need to be digitized..that means the computer and sewing machine speak the same language. Some digitizers are better than others and your work is so lovely but so beautifully simple that you would want to make sure you had the right “programmer”. Several of them these days are seeing the spark of Quilting and Embroidery merging and are coming out with everything from Quilt in the hoop blocks to Quilted designs that almost look hand stitched. Its an exciting merge to say the least. =)

      • I also want to mention that I quilt and embroider on a Bernina 880. Since your already an Ambassador it would be lovely to see what could happen if some embroidery designs were done…as my husband always says..”it never hurts to ask…” =)

  14. I just stumbled onto your site and love your tutorials. Planning to begin fmq practice tomorrow. I just completed Erin Russek’s Peacocks (My Tweets) quilt and don’t have a clue how to quilt it. It is heavily appliqued and quite stunning. Your information should be of great help. My question is, would you double batt or just use Warm & Natural? I really want my appliques to pop. Thanks you so much for sharing.

  15. I just discovered your blog and LOVE it! I am FMQ a double wedding ring quilt, so was thrilled to see your tutorial on that quilt. I just wish mine looked as good as yours…lol.

  16. I had to change mailboxes and lost my daily blogs to the inbox jaunt. Life just hasn’t been the same. Could you add me to your list with my new address? Thanks.

    • I had my name and email address added to your list, and it said to follow the link in my mailbox to acknowledge, but it never showed up in my inbox. I use an iPad, is there a compatibility problem? Please check into this because it really miss my jaunts with Lori.

    • Hi Janet. Only you can add your name to the email list. You can add your email on the right sidebar. Let me know if you have any problems.

  17. Hi Lori: I have been looking at your classes on Craftsy. Is it best to start with one particular class, I can’t tell which was your first?

    • Divide and Conquer was first and includes more information on thread and how to divide a quilt. Doodle to Design covers more on doodling. I would start with Divide and Conquer.

  18. I would like to know if you are available to do programs – trunk shows etc. for quilt guilds within the area. How can I contact you?

  19. Hi. I’ve been doing FMQ since the early 1990s — with a recent ten year hiatus while my job ate my life.I’m back at it now. I always used my 1980s Bernina 830 with a darning foot or no foot but now ALSO have a brand new 770QE with the BSR. I am just experimenting with it and am curious: Why do you choose not to use BSR? I have noticed that I can’t do the amount of thread “painting” that I used to do without BSR and will probably buy an open darning foot to use on the 770QE for such things. I also noticed that the BSR yells at me for going to fast sometimes. Your thoughts on pros/cons of BSR?

    • Welcome back to FMQ! You are going to LOVE your BERNINA 770QE for free motion quilting. As for the BSR–this is my #1 most FAQ…
      I learned to FMQ before the BSR was available and had to develop my own sense of rhythm and timing. Later, I tried a BSR–but I think it’s like trying to ride a bike with training wheels after you’ve learned to ride a two-wheeler–it throws off your sense of timing–and as you say “Yells at me for going to fast”! If I had started with a BSR, I imagine I would have loved it! I think you already have YOUR answer as to how YOU feel about it?

      • Lori,
        I’ve been experimenting with both the #24 foot and the BSR for a bit and have divided my approach. I use the #24 for the complete freedom of painting/sketching with my thread and the BSR for places where I don’t feel like being that careful (translate: I am too lazy to maintain consistent stitch lengths during a boring, repetitious section). My art training/experience using line width/character as a drawing element makes complete FMQ (no BSR) more effective for places where I simply want to “draw.”

        If I decide to enter any of these quilts in shows (likely), I suspect the more anal stitch police will not appreciate why I choose to allow “inconsistent” stitches to function as a drawing tool. My quilts are VERY non-traditional, though, so any judge who dislikes non-traditional approaches will pan them anyway. Just have to find the right venues, I guess.

        On a separate topic, your doodles are great. I have always done the same thing- both as quilting prep and during every teachers’ meeting I ever attended (and many grad classes). Have you seen this? http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2015/07/doodling-for-cognitive-benefits/398027/

        Wish you lived closer to me… I am in PA.

  20. Hi Lorie, I am french and after many years of hand quilting I am new at FMQ on my home sewing machine. Since a few weeks I tried and tried and now I am able to do a good stippling. But it is not enough and since I found you blog a few days ago, I am trying your “dots and dashes” exercises. Thank you so much because I began to have better results after a few rows and I hope to be good at the last training row.
    Please tell me what of your e.classes I can buy to go on improving. I am very determined and ready to learn and make as many exercises as needed to dare FMQ on one of my beloved tops. Thank you for you kind answer and I do apologize for my bad english. I am trying to improve it too !
    Have a good day.

    • Hi Marie, First-to our French friends–we are all so sorry about what happened in Nice and previously throughout France. You are in our hearts and prayers! For centuries, quilting and handwork have been a way for women to work through their hardships, worries, grief and so it goes today. We stand with you!

      I am happy that you are enjoying quilting. Dots and dashes is one of my favorite motifs! Both of my Craftsy classes offer many quilt motifs and I tried very hard to minimize repeating information in the classes. I would probably start with Divide and Conquer-as that covers more about thread and machine set up than Doodle to Design. Here is the link for 50% off both of my classes http://www.craftsy.com/ext/LoriKennedy_classes

      May quilting bring you joy!

  21. HI Lori;

    I only found your site a few weeks ago and I so happy! You give such good instructions and lots of pictures. This is a real motivator! It is so kind and generous of you to share all your designs.

    This might have been talked about in previous blogs – What I would really like to know is — What do you use for marking your projects..

    Thanks and keep up the fantastic work!!

  22. Lori, I am in your class at the Folk School in September. What is the best way to reach you? I have a few questions. I tried the email the school listed, but received no reply.

  23. Hi Lori!
    I’ve been stopping by since you started writing for American Quilter, and have used a few of your designs and tutorials! I’m planning to use the “beginner loops” in a border and have a question. You say to draw two lines one inch apart then another half an inch away. – which line would be the center point of my border? Thanks for being so generous with your talent!!

    • Great question! The entire width of the motif is 1-1/2 inches so the center point of the border is not on either line. It is 3/4 — between the top and bottom lines.

  24. Hi Lori,
    Do you use the same color thread in your bobbin as you do in your needle? Your stitches show up so beautifully. They almost look hand-stitched (in a good way). Thank you!

    • Usually I match the thread color. Occasionally I use a darker thread in the bobbin and that gives a bit of a handstitched look

  25. Hi! I’m relatively new to quilting, even at my ripe old over 60 age. I bought a Pfaff Performance 5.0 to give me more “throat” space, but I’m still terrified of FHQ! (Speaking of which, is there a definitive list of quilting acronyms for dummies, as so far my list only includes HST & FMQ – sounds positively rude!) I’d like to get more ambitious, but some of my name applique attempts on Christmas stockings were less than successful – red fabric, red thread, red marking on the machine foot – aargh! I’m also very confused about the different types of threads: what to use when and why? Is there also a helpful list out there somewhere? I was interested in the tension discussion – my machine claims to automatically set the tension, but sometimes I think there is a goblin in there, rather than a fairy! Basically, I think I need to follow Marie and sign up for your Craftsy tuition and practise, practise, practise! Also, any chance on convincing you Americans to put centimetre measures on your patterns?!? Hopeless cause, I suspect! And what are your views on the Accuquilt Go? For losers?

    I sew heart pillows for breast cancer patients and end up with very odd scraps of fabric (bias – what’s bias?!?) I recycle them into shopping bags and smaller articles for the local British Club Christmas bazaar, but does anyone have any better ideas on how to use them up to make more money to buy more fabric to make more heart pillows – unfortunately there is still a huge demand from the local hospitals! Most of the fabric is simple 100% cotton, not patchwork standard. Thank you! Having said that, I did raise over 1,000 Euro this year which will keep me in fabric for a good while!
    A frugal Scot in Germany,

  26. Hi Lore! I was at the tv review of your upcoming segment with Nancy. WOW – what beautiful work you have done! I LOVE your samples!!! Nancy gave us a demo (reminding us that you were the pro and she the novice) – we all felt she learned a lot from your technique already!
    More than ever, I would love to have you come in for a FMQ event! Let’s chat!

  27. Hi Lori,
    Love your designs! Do you travel to give classes and presentations to Quilt Guilds?
    Linda Engelbrecht

  28. Not getting your morning blogs anymore, when I try to re-sign up lt tells me I opted out of your blogs! Not possible. What can I do to get back in? Thanks for any help you can give me.

  29. How do add a border to a Double Wedding Ring quilt? I need a queen size, but my is 70 by 80? I don’t know how to cut for the curves. Thank you

  30. Hello Lori, I am in love with the work you do ! There is one thing I would like to learn: to thread write using cursive letter. do you have any post with this subject? Have a nice day ! Veronica

  31. Hi, Lori. Just want to let you know that your designs were a great help to me as I quilted a T shirt quilt for my daughter. I tried to stitch a different design in each section of sashing and when my imagination began to falter, your tutorials were up to the task. Thank you so much for sharing all your designs and the step by step instructions on how to create quilting almost as lovely as yours.

  32. I just started quilting this winter and I’m learning so much from your blog! Because you freely share so much quilting information I’m buying two of your classes on Craftsy as a way of saying thank you. It’s like The Piano Guys … they give away so much of their music for free that a large portion of the listening community says thank you by purchasing their albums.

  33. Lori, would like to see some motifs for quilting in a triangle. I have tried your square flower and have seen it in a triangle but would like to see more. I read all your blog posts & have purchased your 3 Craftsy classes & your 123 book. Keep up the great work!

  34. Lori, I noticed a bit of the conversation going on about digitized embroidery designs. In my perfect Heaven, I would put you & Sarah Vedeler together. You both have so much drive & a prolific imagination that inspires your readers. If you want to find her, she’s at http://www.MeaningOfLife.com – her new site.

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