7 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Beautiful !! would enjoy in my home. Sad that he died so young. He could have produced an extensive, fabulous body of work had he lived a long life.
    The Olympic Opening Ceremonies on our TV last night was incredible,
    beautiful, and uplifting.

  2. this one is just adorable,
    Such a sweet big sister teaching her younger. As always, the content and patient kitty sits near by, perhaps to be scolded again with the next temptation to get to the threads.

  3. I’m always fascinated by the lacework artists can create. And what a charming kitty, as Rosemary said, so patient … but let the thread drop, ZOOM!

  4. I am SO HAPPY that I just purchased your Free Motion Quilting 1 2 3 and I find it hard to put down. I have been putting IN box Jaunt emails in a folder for a couple of years or more. I figured I had most of what was in the book but there is so much more information.Great book!!

  5. Love how these girls are so wrapped up in the lesson. The kitty is adorable too … she’ll probably grab that string when the girls least expect it! Hahaha!

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