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Good Morning, Doodlers and Quilters!

Last week, we used a grid and a simple doodle to create complex-looking quilt designs.     Read – Easy Doodles for Those Who Think They Can’t 

After seeing the post, my friend, Deborah Johnson called me with this great tip:

Many wrapping papers come with a one inch grid on the back...perfect for doodling!  I checked my leftover Christmas wrap and quickly found several rolls printed with a grid.

Look for wrapping paper that has “cutting lines” on the label.

I  cut my paper into 12 x 12 inch squares but found the paper wanted to roll up.

A quick trip to the iron fixed that–I pressed the whole stack at once on low heat.

Doodling a Grid, Recycled Paper

Ready to doodle!  Now all I need is a long meeting, a protracted phone call or


I can’t wait!

There are three Olympians from our neighborhood–two sister who play hockey (one for Korea the other for the US —read about Marissa and Hannah Brandt HERE

and a Cross Country Ski Racer, Jessie Diggins HERE

Perfect time to doodle!

YOUR Happy Doodler,


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23 thoughts on “Doodling Grids Quick Tip

  1. Ooo, good idea. But what writing utensil do you use. With my shiny paper and being a lefty, I fear I would be covered in ink. (That makes me think back to required erasable pens in elementary school. The side of my hand was blue every school day. Shudder.) I guess I have some experimenting to do. Thanks for the idea.

    • Elizabeth, my grandson is a lefty as well. All the school work has to be done left to right. But he draws right to left. These doodles that Laurie showed could actually be done right to left. And free motion quilting is a directionless (is that a word?) exercise. The whole idea is that you can quilt in any direction.

  2. I loved the hearing about the sisters and their upcoming debut in the olympics. What a great story . I will be watching and cheering for them.

  3. We always wait with great anticipation for the Olympics broadcast. Will be more interesting knowing about your neighbors! Alas, I used tissue and bags this Christmas.. Should have bought some wrapping papers after the holiday when it was on sale…next year!

  4. Great idea, especially since I have a bit (actually a LOT) of wrapping paper that I probably won’t use. I’m at the gift card or cash stage of life! You rock Deborah! Miss you btw.

  5. This is a method that makes free motion quilting more manageable (and less scary for beginners). Christina Cameli’s newest class, “Quilting the Grid,” is all about this concept. I haven’t enrolled yet but have watched her other classes and they are excellent so I expect this one is just as good.

  6. I still love a full sized monthly calendar and guess what….the squares are PERFECT for doodling on a grid. I don’t see where I can attach a picture, but I sure do love the effect. And if I use a pencil to doodle I can still use a darker ink to write appointments.

  7. Update.. I was at a dollar store and didn’t find any birthday paper with cutting lines designated. My SpouseMan saves older calendars with photos he likes… there are grids on the other side… Heh, heh..

  8. This is a GREAT idea!! I’m going home now so guess what I’m doing first thing? checking out my wrapping paper! I’ll slip this inside one of my sheet protectors and I doodle and re-doodle to my heart’s content!

    And how cool is it that you have so many celebrities in your own backyard?!

    • I would like to add : when the Olympians attend the games, they can claim, “Guess who lives in my neighborhood ? Celebrity Lori who does FMQ. Watch her site and make me a quilt!”

  9. I believe that wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby all has the grid on the back. It’s a heavy weight paper and many times is on sale for 50% off.

  10. Experiment: Cut 9 inch wide strips from inherited pillowcases that are thread bare in middle. Cut crosswise to produce 9 inch fabric squares.. or whatever inches are preferred.
    Starch stiff. Dry well. Place on cutting mat and place edge of fabric square next to a mat grid line. Using Flexion pen, mark off a grid of one inch squares. Doodle in the squares with same pen. Stitch on sewing machine right on top of the doodles. When grid squares are filled, rinse to remove starch. Roll in a dry towel. Iron dry and doodles lines will be gone. Now admire your work… Use to make a sandwich if you like it. NO pickle relish, mayo or mustard allowed. Try another one with no doodles or grid lines, just FMQ !!!

  11. I’ve been really busy at work, and am a little late to this party! But, just in case anyone is still looking, I thought I’d weigh in anyway. There’s another good source of paper with a printed grid. Contact paper. The peel-away paper on the back also has a grid. It is a shiny paper, though, so a permanent ink felt-tip is necessary to doodle on it.

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