16 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Hi Lori! Been absent from posting comments. I am on an intense assignment for work and no sewing or quilting is happening. Seeing your blogs come through my inbox is a reminder that life will return to normal again, one day soon. Winter photos are some of my best shots. In SE FL however, that would be rare. Be well and healthy. Thanks for the inspiration even if it’s for a few fleeting moments. I do have hand stitching in my suitcase so I can get grounded at night in the hotel room. V-

    • Rest in Hope… I made it thru a “dry spell”.. whatever the cause. Our sewing machines will not leave us nor will our stash run away ! That joy will return and Lori makes it so worth it…. from North FL/South GA

  2. This portrait of your “R” is feeding my heart this morning. Our son had a Belle ( Aussie Shep) who was the best dog we ever knew. Broke his heart when her life was over. Broke all of ours. Son was continually bombarded with requests for a puppy from her, but alas, she had been fixed at the proper age. No one knew what a great dog she would be in her future. Her first home was in the mountains of Crested Butte, CO, and she enjoyed the snow in winter and the camping in summer. Thank you, Lori, for a blessed trip down memory lane.

  3. This is cute overload!!! How adorable! In Madison, we got tons and tons of snow yesterday. I felt so bad for my doggie, because I had to go to work today and she didn’t have much time to romp and play in it. =)

  4. so cute. We have no snow in Northern Virginia (far western suburbs) This has been a dry year, but the bitter cold and wind has been persistent
    This adorable pup looks so sweet ❤️- maybe saying ” Come Onnnnnn, hurry with your boots and coat” or pretending to be the ground hog 🙃😂

  5. Looks to me like he is giving you the evil eye! …Again enough is enough! We are experiencing rain on the Island and up on the ski hill!!!!!!!

  6. We in New Bern NC don’t get a ton of snow but get an occasional snow which makes it exciting and bfun. Our Tibetan Terrier Gunny loves to do face dives in the snow. I laugh every time he does it! Love the beautiful pic of your dog in snow.

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