How to Quilt a Valentine Motif

Good Morning, Quilters!

January is swirling by and St. Valentines Day is just around the corner!

Today we have a little pink and yellow confection to add to your sweetheart’s quilt!

Begin by drawing three lines, equidistant apart.  The lines will help keep our quilting straight.  Use the lines to eyeball proportions–adjusting above and below the lines.

Begin stitching on the bottom line.  Stitch on the line a short, wavy line.  Stitch a slightly diagonal line up and to the left, jog out a few stitches, then stitch a parallel line.

Lori Kennedy Quilts, Valentine motifStitch down 1-2 stitches, then stitch from right to left.  Echo stitch the left side of the pot.

Stitch two narrow rectangles, ending on the bottom.

Lori Kennedy Quilts, Valentine motif 

Stitch under the pot from right to left and closely echo stitch the pot-ending on the top in the middle.


Add a short stem with two leaves.

Lori Kennedy Quilts, Valentine motif   

Complete the leaves and add a long stem.

Lori Kennedy Quilts, Valentine motif

From the top of the line, add a curved line, tapering on the bottom.  Taper up and round to complete a heart shape.

 After the heart is complete, add a small teardrop on top.

Lori Kennedy Quilts, Valentine motifEcho stitch the right side of the heart.  Closely echo stitch the stem and around the right side of the pot back to the bottom line.  

Add a row of Valentine Flowers to a border or a single motif in the center of a block.

Or add a different flower  to your flower pot!

What about YOU?

Do YOU have a special Valentine?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Be Mine,


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10 thoughts on “How to Quilt a Valentine Motif

  1. Perfect timing! I have different table runners for my three valentines. and I think this motif would be charming on them. Thank you!

  2. Love this heart flower.. However even tho it is not open Friday, I want to ask a question. I am sewing the binding on a quilt for my granddaughter’s birthday this week. I noticed a black mark and have determined it must be from a pencil.. It is half inch long and is on the yellow flannel border ! Help? Anyone know how to remove this glaring pencil mark…??? No one here seems to have an idea.

  3. I LOVE the heart flower – am going to try on solid fabric with contrasting thread for some quick potholders. Thanks for the step by step instructions and the inspiration!

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