9 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. The Dutch seemed to always be well-fed and clothed. Love the subtle tones in this painting, gives a feeling of “serenity”.

  2. Very sweet painting. My parents are from Holland and came here to be US citizens shortly after my sisters and I were born.
    A lot of my relatives remained in Holland. They do eat a lot of cookies, cheese, potatoes and dairy, and they are healthy. About this time the painting was made, there was a lot of farming, so the whole family worked on the farms.
    I love this. My mom and my sister were the only blond haired blue eyed members of our family.
    I really love this painting.

  3. One certainly didn’t need to be told they were Dutch … I love the wing-ed hats. A lovely depiction of lace. The face of the girl knitting is particularly fine. A perfect vignette, and a slice of Dutch life.

  4. Just beautiful! I love the charming faces and the delft tiles pictured in the background. We’re not Dutch but my mother loved delft tiles.

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