How Do YOU Organize Your Fabric Scraps? Open Line Friday

Quilting Fabric Scraps

Good Morning, Quilters!

Today on Open Line Friday, a question from a reader--What is the best way to organize fabric scraps?

Do YOU have a method?

Do YOU cut them into strips or blocks?

How do YOU decide what size to cut?

Do YOU have special containers for the scraps?  If so, how many?

How do YOU use your scraps?

Do YOU know of any good links for how to use scraps?

We would LOVE to hear!



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76 thoughts on “How Do YOU Organize Your Fabric Scraps? Open Line Friday

  1. Strings go into a drawer for when I make string blocks, and left-over cut strips go into plastic boxes by width. But I prefer to cut my scraps with a purpose in mind. I have several ongoing scrappy projects which I will cut for when I finish a regular project. One of these is a tumbler quilt. I have an 4.5″ Accuquilt tumbler die that I cut these out with. Some of my scraps get die-cut into 2″ squares for a scrappy Irish Chain. I also cut for Bonnie Hunter’s Lozenge quilt when I have blacks, neutrals, and dark colors or light colors. If my leftover fabric from a project is fairly large, I’ll just put it back into stash. And I also die cut 2.5″ squares because I use them in so many patterns. But I don’t like to just cut fabrics into random shapes just for the heck of it because I might want to use that fabric in some other way in the future.

  2. I don’t have a system but I like to use free clear plastic containers. The big lettuce containers are nice. I just scored 2 square containers that mints came in.

  3. Very interesting to read all the different ways to organize scraps. I love scrappy quilts and have a lot of scraps. Two scrapbooking drawer towers hold most of the scraps, one is for chunks and wide strips to cut down and is arranged ROY G BIV in several drawers. The other has precut print scraps in 1.5, 2, and 2.5” strips and squares stacked by color. Solids have their own drawer. I’m lucky to have a tall lingerie dresser that holds fat quarters and larger similar sized scraps by color. I do have a large shoebox with batiks and another with CW prints. Think I need to sew faster…!

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