7 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Trying to “see to sew” with that pathetic little light in that dark and gloomy room has indeed worn this poor soul out.

  2. There is daylight coming through the window, so I think our seamstress has worked through the night. She stopped only briefly for some sustenance. She nodded off before dawn, and so her lamp still burns. Has she finished sewing her blue gown? Is it for herself, or for her mistress? What we do know is that she was too tired to keep her eyes open any longer, and gave in to sleep. This is a lovely work of art that many of us can relate to. Thanks, Lori.

  3. This will be me when I put the last stitch in the last binding on the eighth Christmas quilt. I just hope the sewing machine light won’t wake me from my resting spot on the faceplate.
    Lovely painting.

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