What is the Best Way to Doodle? Open Line Friday


Boogie Board

Good Morning, Quilters!

What is the best way to doodle? My favorite way to doodle is on paper…any paper.

I doodle in sketchbooks, on newspapers, on envelopes. Any paper that dares get near my pen–watch out!

But…recently, I found a new way to doodle–a Boogie Board!

The Boogie Board is described as Liquid Crystal Paper.  Doodling is easy and everything erases with a click of the button.  The Boogie Board is not new, but the “blackboard” size is a recent addition to the line.  There are a variety of sizes including several designed for children that look great for learning penmanship or math facts.  The prices range from $12 to $45.

What I like most about the Boogie Board is how the pen and writing surface feel–they feel very natural. The liquid crystal paper has a nice “tooth”– it is not too slippery.


Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy


We’ve been practicing our Tree Doodles HERE and HERE

This would be a great way to practice any motif and quickly erase, without the need to waste paper.
Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy


The Boogie Board can be placed right over your quilt to audition motifs.

Boogie Board


If you draw something you want to save…you have to take a photo of it.  There is a cell phone app to store and organize your doodles, but I haven’t tried it yet.

The Boogie Board has an eraser feature to erase part of a drawing.  In my opinion, it doesn’t work that well.

Quilt Applications:  This method is really best for practice doodles and to audition motifs.


What about YOU?

What’s YOUR favorite way to doodle?

Have YOU ever tried the Boogie Board?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Your Doodle Darling,


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26 thoughts on “What is the Best Way to Doodle? Open Line Friday

  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you for introducing me to the Boogie Board. I now have something to put on my Christmas list. This is so cool!! (I’m thinking Amazon is going to crash once your readership learns about it).

  2. I ordered one earlier this week for my husband to give me for Christmas. I can hardly wait to get my hands on it! Thanks, Lori.

  3. I use a dry erase board. I mark out border sizes lines and even blocks in the same size as my quilt, using a permanent sharpie marker. Then, I can practice the design over and over in the correctly sized space until I have it in muscle memory. When I do the quilting, I already have the spatial relation and the pattern. When I’m finished, I just use a little rubbing alcohol to remove the permanent lines.

  4. For techie people, there’s another option — the Apple Pencil (or other versions of digital pens) and an app like “Paper” by Fifty Three. You can create a doodle on an iPad or computer and use some of the drawing tools. The advantage is you can save all of your doodles and then reuse or combine them. Could print on tracing paper for an overlay on your Quilt. Love your blog Lori!

  5. I save scrap paper, any 8 1/2 X 11 blank on the back (junk mail, outdated print outs etc.) If I want to save what I have doodled it goes in a 3 ring binder. I keep a few blanks in my napkin holder on my bar where I am usually reading your blog so I can sketch out your tutorial for future use.

  6. I just added the boogie board to my amazon list! I love the idea of being able to lay it over your quilt block to try out quilting designs. No more drawing out squares to the needed size. Usually I use a sheet (or two) of scrap paper for doodling my designs. Once I get one that I like, I draw over and over that same design until I feel like it is etched in my brain. If the design came from one of my books I will leave that doodle paper in the book for the next time I might want to use it.

  7. I’ll doodle on anything! But, I practice and try out actual motifs and ideas on large sheets of newsprint* for practicing FMQ so I build life size muscle memory. I find my motifs get really small and constrained if I try to practice them on regular sized sheets of paper. *This is the stuff that comes in big rolls and is used to cushion your stuff in moving boxes..you can find it wherever they sell moving supplies.

  8. I use an iPad app called Doodle buddy. It’s free. I can go directly from Laurie’s post, try to remember the steps, and when I don’t… flip back the the tutorial… My finger is not quite as accurate as pen and paper, but it teaches the brain the pathway.

    • Thanks for the tip. I got the ipad pro for xmas and dear hubby was thoughtful enough to also buy me the pencil! Many of my apps are compatible with the pen. I will search for this one as well. Thanks again for the tip and for the blog post! Vivian

  9. That looks SO COOL! Right now, I keep a pile of paper for recycling if it has a blank side, so I doodle on that before it goes in the recycle bin. But occasionally I run out of that when I’m brainstorming. This would be great!

  10. I was given one as a gift last year and, like you, I use it to practice my FMQ. I am not as talented as you but, I keep on tryimg.

  11. I use to doodle all thru our weekly staff meeting at work. Honestly – I was listening, too! Multitasking!! But now I have to take meeting notes… BOO! I had some great quilty doodles happening in those meetings!! My usual method is pencil/paper.

  12. This is definitely something I would love. Santa is bringing me a CutterPillar light box & I am hoping to use it for doodling, too!

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