Christmas and Hanukkah Machine Quilting Tutorials


Good Morning, Quilters!

Today’s Tuesday Tutorial is a round-up of tutorials from the last several years!  I’m confident this will keep us all busy in between shopping and wrapping!


To be honest, I am going through a “Tuesday Tutorial” creative block lately…

I need YOUR help!  What would YOU like a step-by-step tutorial for?  I have had a request for more Hanukkah symbols…anything else?

I will work on your requests in the new year. Creating a new motif can take quite a bit of time–it took me years to come up with a dog motif we could stitch with a continuous line!

On the other hand, sometimes a motif comes to me in a flash!  One never knows…


In the mean time, I will keep doodling and I’m sure something fun will emerge and I hope YOU will keep busy doodling and stitching some of my favorites:

 Poinsettia-Free Motion Quilting


Holly, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

The Holly Leaf

String of Beads, FMQ, KennedyThe Snowflake Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Free Motion Quilting-PackagesSpin the Dreidel, Free Motion quiltingHappy Creative Quilting!


PS…If you like these motifs and tips, be sure to check out my book, Free Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3 or any of my Craftsy Videos!

PPS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, pin or share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at  Thanks!

Snowmen, FMQ, LCKennedy



45 thoughts on “Christmas and Hanukkah Machine Quilting Tutorials

  1. I’m not certain how to search for themes you’ve done. I quilt only with my standard or treadle sewing machines, so I really appreciate your motifs and instructions. I’d like to use quilted motifs of bears, ladybugs and songbirds for three different projects I’m making this winter.

    • Near the top of the page there is a search box… I looked for lady bug, but nothing there… I’m into bicycles… and you would see there is a tutorial. Hope that helps

  2. Love your work Lori- it is gorgeous & inspiring!! Would like to see more motifs to put on baby quilts, as well as animals esp. cats, dogs & birds…. thank you!!!

  3. I am new to quilting (I’m almost finished with my first-that’s how new!). I am really anxious to jump in and try the free motion designs BUT I am not sure how to prepare the quilt. Do I use spray adhesive to attach layers or hand basting or machine basting? Thread thicknesses? Your favorite thread? Your favorite batting?

    I’ve looked on your site for these tutorials and haven’t found them but I’m using my phone and that’s probably not the best way to find things.

  4. Thank you for sharing and your wonderful instructions. I have just finished an all triangle top and not sure how to quilt, no long arm just domestic machine.

  5. You’ve given so much, it’s okay to hit a block (take a breather) especially around this time of year.
    How about Christ centered motives? Loaves, fishes, boats…. no wait, you’ve done that! Well maybe not the loaves, but who puts loaves on their quilts?
    Anything you do is wonderful, even taking a breather during the holidays, let’s us realize you are human too! Sometimes I have a tendency to put you on a pedestal.
    Thanks for sharing so freely, that’s what makes me keep coming back. And it is what keeps me buying everything you do.
    You feel like a dear friend to me.

  6. Just finished 2 KING quilts (same pattern, I have been working on for almost 2 years!) so I am going to take a break, go south, take your book with me and concentrate on some minatures, table runners and maybe one or 2 quickie type smaller quilts. Going to save the free motion for spring when returning home as my older Janome that is going with me did not quilt so well a few years ago, maybe I will try it again and see if I missed some adjustment as I will miss it – will just have to doodle for a few months. Thank You So very Much for your Inspiration as you have kept me hoping & trying to do more. Have a blessed holiday season with your family.

  7. I just got out fabric today for a little Christmas table topper. When I came to the computer I was getting ready to look for Christmas designs to use and voila’ there was your wonderful post. Thanks so much for your inspiration and you deserve a break!

  8. Lori – The Poinsettia motif was my very first attemp at a motif EVER besides the dreaded stipple! The teacher at an ongoing monthly FMQ course attend showed us the motif and as homework suggested weto go to your blog and follow the instructions. I nailed it and have been a regular reader since! That was about three years ago! I’ve come a long way since then thanks to you and my FMQ instuctor, Donna. I’m forever gratefulthat she directed me to your blog!

    • Two lovely endorsements at once! First that your instructor recommended The Inbox Jaunt and more importantly that you had quick success!! Music to my ears!

  9. Thanks for considering my request for more Hanukkah designs! The dreidel is lovely, I plan to use it this week or next. I just finished a batik quilt for my best friend and instead of making a label, I quilted the info in lower case cursive in a narrow border! FUN!

  10. Love the great doodlings! Ideas: things for older boys’ quilts? Construction, instruments, computers, Sports cars, Trains, ?? Not sure they are quiltable but maybe bring on other ideas?

  11. I really wanted to use the poinsettia motif on a table topper, but just couldn’t get it. It’s very involved and I did doodle it a few times. My doodles looked fine, but I just couldn’t translate to the quilt. But I have learned so much and definitely have expanded my repetoire. But I do still meander when it’s appropriate. The funny thing is, that I can meander almost mindlessly, so it’s weird when I hear that you and others find it difficult. That’s what makes the world go round i guess.

  12. I love, love, love all your motifs and have used lots of them. Anytime someone compliments me on my quilting, I give you the credit and refer them to your blog and books, if they are a quilter. I’d like some additional sports motifs like soccer balls, tennis racquets, golf clubs, and golf bags with clubs. My grandson would love trains and fire trucks! Maybe some cactus variations for your fans in warmer climates 😊, and some Asian motifs like lanterns and kimonos go with the poppies and ginko leaves.Thanks for asking us. Your fans have made so many great suggestions. You should be busy for years!

  13. l suspect I break rules…it’s just I’m fairly new to quilting and I’ve sewn all my life so I sorta just charge ahead! I’ve found I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to quilting- if I could ‘fill’ and create easily, I might be tempted to fill in more. I find now that I know your stabilizing technique I have gone back and attempted motifs in several HST & squares! Thank you for your generous sharing of techniques and motifs. My learning curve is improving!

    • I’m pretty fresh at machine quilting and have had success with Loris designs because she shows them step by step. I didn’t think I could do them either – until I tried! I doodled Lori’s oak leaf from her book several times, and then did a wall hanging border with it. The oak leaves improved the longer I did them. Success breeds enthusiasm to continue. What have you got to lose?

  14. Hi Lori,

    I would love to see a pattern for clusters of grapes and bottles of wine!

    Thanks for all your designs. I have used quite a few!

  15. Thank you for thinking about Hannukah. I would love to see some more Hannukah designs—-a Menorah, latkes (or the word latkes) and similar ideas. Please add to the Hannukah repertoire. (PS There are several different spellings for the holiday)

  16. Thank you for providing such an extensive library of motifs. Today I finally got around to finishing the quilting on a tree skirt that I started in February… When I finally decided that I wanted a poinsettia in the final blocks, I knew just were to come for guidance. After practicing a couple of times on my plexiglass with a dry erase marker, I did one test on fresh practice piece, before heading to the 8 squares on my tree skirt. Your directions are so clear and logical, I had no problem executing the design. Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!

  17. A line in your Dec. 6th entry made me imagine a new motif … “Then I was off chasing down a new rabbit hole.” There it is … RABBITS! Oh, how I know those rabbit holes 😒.
    BTW – been watching for a new seasonal banner. I really like the holly (can you guess why?) and mistletoe. I marvel how you can nail the shape of leaves & flowers. Relax & enjoy whatever the holiday season holds for you. There is plenty in your archives to keep us busy.

  18. Lori, thanks so much for all your beautiful designs! How about doing Free Motion Penguins? So many of us love penguins & this would be a great time of year to doodle them!

  19. Thank you Lori for all you share. I have your book. Waiting for the new year to have a clean slate to start.
    Carnival motif. Big Top, Ferris wheel, roller coaster. Dare I say clown. Guy on stilts,
    Deck of cards, Dominoes, or dice
    Kitchen stuff. Pots and pans coffee pot. a place setting. fork spoon knife honey pot
    Scuba diver to go with your fish, coral
    Farm scene, Pot Belly Pig, etc.
    Sorry got carried away. LOL

    Happy Holidays

    Aileen in Florida

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