How to Tie a Bow for a Wreath

Good Morning, Quilters!

It’s that time of year again-the happy week when the Boy Scouts deliver our Christmas wreaths!

I love this time of year and I love the Boy Scouts, but I always say, if I were a Girl Scout I would set up a bow-making station wherever Boy Scout wreaths are sold!  The Boy Scout bows are a little sad…

I cut off the bow and glue it to the back of the wreath–so it won’t scratch my door.

Then I pull out my ribbon and choose a big, bright ribbon.  I like one that can be seen from a distance…And I make a new bow (Tutorial HERE)Much better!

Come on in!   We are baking kolachkes!



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What about YOU?

Do YOU have any Christmas rituals?

Are YOU baking anything special for the holidays?

Do YOU have a ribbon collection?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Feeling Jolly!


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15 thoughts on “How to Tie a Bow for a Wreath

  1. Banana Bread, Prune Bread, Cranberry Bread, Boston Brown Bread, Gumdrop Cake, and 28 plates of shortbread. Much baking to be done!

      • Always interested in recipes for kolachkes. My mom used to just use her bread dough. We loved her fillings, but I have had some made by ladies from the Czech regions in South Dakota that are much more tender. I have actually had them on my mind for a few weeks now … must be a subconscious nudging that I need to make some for old times’ sake.

  2. This is my second year of a new ritual. I bake 2 blank gingerbread houses (2 families) and get together with my 4 grandchildren (ages 2-7) to decorate them. I am one lucky Nana to be living in the same city as my grandchildren. The pre-made gingerbread houses are way too small. Best ever “glue” frosting-1 egg white, 1 1/2 C. Powder sugar and 1/2 teaspoon. Cream of tartar.

  3. Being British we always make mince pies, small ones. I make the pastry but my husband does all the technical stuff.

    I shouldn’t say this, but I will and then I will regret it. I don’t see why ribbon tying is a girl’s task.

  4. What a great question about rituals. Just thinking about the many, many holiday rituals (too many to list here) in our large, but very close family, brings a smile to my face! And Helen is right! Let’s get more guys involved in holiday rituals so we ladies, who’ve traditionally done it all to the point of exhaustion, get to enjoy a less stressful holiday. May we all have a peaceful and blessed season!

  5. Lori: I hope you can help me. It has nothing to do with bows. I have a Bernina 770QE. It does not like invisible thread. Do you have any tips or suggestions? The invisible thread keeps breaking. I have tried adjusting the tension, changed the needle to a 90/14 which seemed to help some but the thread still broke. I’m using prenscia 60 weight in the bobbin. Thank you. Kathie

  6. I usually make several batches of fudge & sometimes some dipped chocolates. I like to make sugar cookies & pressed cookies in the shape of Christmas trees. Also like to try some new cookie recipes!

  7. Spritz cookies! With way too much green food coloring, and always shaped like trees. Backstory: I always used to make them, but then one year I was in the hospital with a difficult pregnancy the entire Christmas season, so my 17 year-old decided to make them for me and bring them to the hospital. She put soo much food coloring in, that I both peed and pooped green! I was thankful not to have to provide any urine samples during that time frame….they were delicious, and nothing else tasted good.

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