The Poppies Machine Quilting Tutorial


Lori Kennedy Quilts, Machine Quilting Tutorial, PoppiesGood Morning, Quilters!

Oh the drama of Poppies!  There are very few flowers that have the visual impact of this ornamental flower.  Poppies are a symbol of the fallen soldier on Remembrance Day and they also symbolize peace.  If your birthday is in August, Poppies are your birth flower!

When quilting Poppies–be sure to stitch them very large to capture their dramatic essence!


Begin by stitching the edge of one of the petals–a short line. (NOTE-since this is a background fill or allover motif–we are not starting in the center.)

Lori Kennedy Quilts, Machine Quilting Tutorial, Poppies

Add a large oval, then stitch the first full petal.


Lori Kennedy Quilts, Machine Quilting Tutorial, Poppies


Add several more large petals around the central oval.
Lori Kennedy Quilts, Machine Quilting Tutorial, Poppies

Complete the petals and stitch toward the center oval.Lori Kennedy Quilts, Machine Quilting Tutorial, PoppiesStitch around the oval with a jagged, scribbly line.Lori Kennedy Quilts, Machine Quilting Tutorial, PoppiesClosely echo stitch around the petals to add more definition to the Poppy.Lori Kennedy Quilts, Machine Quilting Tutorial, PoppiesAdd another row of close echo stitching to travel to the area where you would like to begin the next Poppy.

Lori Kennedy Quilts, Machine Quilting Tutorial, PoppiesDo not worry if the petals of the Poppies are odd shapes–they will look like they overlap.    It is more important to keep the Poppies very close together than it is to make perfectly shaped petals.

Lori Kennedy Quilts, Machine Quilting Tutorial, Poppies


For this tutorial, I used:

Warm and Natural cotton batting.  I love this low loft batting for art quilts and table runners.

 28wt Aurifil cotton thread on top.  It is heavier weight and the flowers really “pop” (pun intended).  For all 28 wt thread- a size 90/14 needle is required (my favorite is the Topstitch needle--it has a big eye and a deep groove to protect the thread.)

Sulky Rayon 40wt or Superior Magnifico 40wt polyester would also have been good choices.

In the bobbin, I always use Aurifil 50 wt cotton--my sewing machine just loves it!

As always, I stitched this tutorial on my domestic sewing machine, the Fabulous BERNINA 770QE–it creates gorgeous stitches and the bobbin system makes tension adjustments a breeze!


Remember…if you can’t doodle it, you can’t stitch it–so get those pencils, pens and markers out!!


Check in for a few of my favorites from 2016–and SHARE YOUR FAVORITES TOO!!!

May YOUR day be filled with YOUR favorite color!

(better that than…

May YOUR day be filled with drama!


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11 thoughts on “The Poppies Machine Quilting Tutorial

  1. Very nice. I’m just beginning, and learning, how to free motion quilt/sew. Relaxing and fun. I bought a very good Juki machine; it’s does beautiful work. I’ve learned my lesson on inferior machines. Now I look forward to reviewing past ideas of yours and trying them, enjoying my machine.

  2. Thank you Lori, it’s a beautiful pattern. I wish you and yours a Thanksgiving filled with the love of family and many blessings.

  3. Lori
    I am stunned to have you “pop up” this evening I am still unable to have your daily visits. The Poppies are so easy for me to stitch & I often Free Motion stitch on larger outer Borders. I also grow them in my garden, in fact, Poppies have appatentely self seeded throughout all my gardens & so brightly weave with a slight breeze—–so beautiful!
    Thank you ever so much for this tutorial.

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