11 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Did you know there’s trouble with your latest Craftsy class? It pauses and jumps We have informed Craftsy but not got a response yet

  2. I am so delighted with your Saturday paintings and quiet Sundays in your blog.It is simply refreshing!
    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving

  3. I love the photo. I have an off topic question for you and couldn’t find a contact me.. As a person with thousands of followers how do you manage your time in order to answer all the comments and questions while still getting work don? I have only a few followers of my blogs and can’t seem to manage. I shouldn’t be setting at a computer answering comments when I have quilting work to get done but that is how I find myself. Do you have any suggestions for better time management for blogging and quilting?

    • It is always a challenge and sometimes I do better than other times! Often other readers help answer questions. If I notice questions trending on a topic then I answer by doing a blog post. Using a cell phone makes answering questions easier too. Most quilt bloggers find the creating/writing balance a challenge so you are not alone. My email is lckennedy@hotmail.com. I’m happy to help any time.

  4. This photo is so peaceful. As Terri said “Quilts are everywhere”! My brain does this to me but looking at a picture like this lets my brain rest for a bit. I feel like I constantly think in quilts. It is a never ending obsession!

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