Work in Progress–Poppies

Good Morning, Quilters!

I am behind on so many things…the dusting, cleaning cabinets, covering my roses…

One of the things that bothers me the most is being behind on The Flower of the Month Tutorials!

I am working on the August flower of the month–The Poppy.

After doodling several iterations in my sketchbook,  I came up with a continuous line design I liked.

Next, I tried stitching The Poppy.


When I think of a poppy, I think of a dramatic red flower with black accents, so I stitched The Poppy on red fabric with a variegated black and white thread.  (Seemed like a good plan…)

I was really happy with the results, until….

Poppies, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Yesterday I had Aurifil 28wt white cotton on my sewing machine so I tried The Poppy with the thicker, more contrasting thread.

What a difference!

The boldness of the contrasting thread re-creates the dramatic essence of poppies.

The motif looks even better than the earlier version in black thread.

Now I can’t wait to make a quilt with these bold flowers!

Step-by-step tutorial next Tuesday.
What about YOU?

My sisters (who are knitters) always ask “What’s on YOUR Needles?”

I guess the machine quilter’s version would be “What’s under YOUR needle?”

Any garden surprises?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Your Dramatic Queen Quilter,


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35 thoughts on “Work in Progress–Poppies

  1. I’m finishing up a Christmas pillow. I have a little more hand embroidery to do & then I sew it all together. But, in the meantime, I’m also cutting tons of flying geese for a cute quilt using Farmer’s Daughter fabric. Sooo-o-o-ooo, my dusting will wait until next week. After all, what’s another week when there’s delicious fabric to sew. Besides, it’ll save me having to dust right before Thanksgiving!!! LOL!!

      • The pattern is in the Spring 2017 issue of Quilter’s World. The one in the magazine was done using Olivia’s Flower Garden. But, I think Farmer’s Daughter will look lovely, too. I’m also using Fons & Porters Flying Geese templates. For me, it’s the only way I can get them to come out even on all sides.

  2. I’m always amazed at your designs and techniques! Thanks for sharing the beautiful poppies. I have “under my needle “ a small floral wall hanging I started at a Maria Shell class at the 1st Fall Paducah Show. The appliqué technique is called modern broderie perse. I’m going to give it to my sister for Christmas if it turns out nicely! 🙂

  3. One aspect of quilting that I struggle with is choosing the thread! I often drive myself crazy (short trip) trying to decide. My most recent project was an autumn colors wall hanging. I sweated over this for quite a while before quilting each area in a matching color thread. I was happy with the result, but wish it was easier for me to work out this process. I’m still relatively new to your website so I’m not aware of all your publications. Have you written anything about making thread choices? I’d be happy to buy anything you’ve written. Or perhaps you can recommend a website or publication which address this?
    Thank you for all you do to help us “newbies”.

  4. Love the combo of poppies and other swirly designs. I would like to use an orange/red ombre fabric as background. Thanks Lori for all your ideas and do cover those roses soon. You still have time here in Minnesota but do it soon. The dusting can wait!!!!!

  5. Lori, your poppies are poperfect! You make it look so easy to do!
    “Under my needle” is the MQ mystery quilt and I am stitching away on it and wondering how in the world will I quilt this piece. Lots and lots of seams!

  6. Gorgeous poppies!!
    I’m currently struggling with a quilt top for an auction, but as soon as I finish that bad boy, I’m ready to quilt my Christmas quilt top from…can it really be 2 years ago?? Gonna keep it simple, and echo the snowflake appliques.

  7. The heavier weight cotton works better in so many ways. Beautiful! And very dramatic. And its a wake up call for me. I’ve been totally stuck on 50 wt cotton. I have other threads but I have a lot of 50 wt and it works so well. A project “under my needle” would benefit by some texture and variety. Thanks for all you efforts to teach and keep us quilting.

  8. Thanks to your inspiration, I made a “poppy” mini quilt last week in honour of Remembrance Day. Followed a previous photo from one of your emails. Wish I could post a picture. Yesterday I completed a pumpkin table mat. Love receiving your emails with so many ideas.

  9. Do love your poppies Lori. Will have some of those ready for next November. Well under my needles I just finished piecing Tumola Trail by Bonnie Hunter and now I am ready to start quilting Chic Country by Sew kind of wonderful. Red and white excited to get this one done. Ski hill soon opening so quilting time will suffer!

  10. Love love love the poppies!
    I’m on a ferry heading for our monthly Guild meeting, and under my needle is the binding and label of a donation quilt. Uh oh, we’re about to dock. That would definitely be “distracted driving” 😉
    I also have another quilt on my sewing table for donation to our local crisis centre. It’s about a yard square piece of olde country Christmas design (think Currier & Ives) that I decided to add pinwheels to the borders of. 38 pinwheels later I’m finally getting to the quilting. Unfortunately it’ll be just “quick and dirty” to get it done so the ladies and kids will have it to enjoy.
    Time to go!

  11. I’m finishing my Jesus and John the Baptist quilt. I’ve used the swirls and pearls for the 40,000 acres of outer border. I forgot to read the last sentence on page 135 of your book that says “Pebbling with over stitched echo stitched curls creates a gorgeous but time consuming, background.”
    I’ve used the paper clip stitch in another border with the words “I’m trying to be like Jesus”.
    I have one more border, binding and a label.
    Then I have to jump right into the second of five quilts in a little over a year.
    I’ll share pictures on your Facebook site.
    Thank you for giving me the courage and knowledge to be able to do this. You are my hero.

  12. I just finished piecing a quilt for a best friend with paper pieced turtles in batiks (we went to Hawaii together last winter), and a smaller quilt with the leftover scraps for her kitty. Now to choose thread and quilt them!!! Thicker thread might be the ticket for some of it😃.

  13. Now that my daughter’s wedding is over, the wedding quilt will be “under my needles” and since it is a king sized quilt, it will be “under my needles” for a long time… My goal is to have it done before the first anniversary – But before I get to the machine, I am going to take the time to play with different motifs from your designs – thank you for helping to expand my world of options!!

  14. Working on Santa Claus pillows, quilted purse, and aprons for Christmas gifts. A one block wonder, a 4 patch posie and my daughter’s wedding quilt for quilting projects. The wedding quilt is a bit late as her children are now 4 and 11. Love the poppies! We moved 18 months ago and really miss my beautiful poppies. They don’t grow well in the woods.

  15. Love the poppies! I can relate to your sisters too. I have a garage full of yarn with needles still in it – Mom would start a project and her arthritis would flare up and she would stop. A few months later she’d decide to try another one – with new yarn and needles! She’s been gone a couple of years but I can’t bring myself to pull the needles and reuse the yarn…someday!
    I am having lots of fun learning to machine quilt. My biggest problem is the basting. I’ve hand quilted for years and miss my hoop to hold everything in place. Pins don’t work the same. But with YOUR help I’m getting there. I have lots of muslin and batting I’ve been practicing on. Your classes & books are a huge help. Thank you so much for what you do. I totally agree with Annie. You are my hero!

  16. Living here in North Carolina, we have had unusually warm weather all thru October. I have nasturiums in bloom. What a lovely surprise.

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