Veterans!–Open Line Friday

The Eagle-Free Motion Quilting

Good Morning, Quilters!

Veterans Day is tomorrow– a day dedicated to all who serve or have served in our military.

On June 4, 1926, Congress passed a resolution that the “recurring anniversary of [November 11, 1918] should be commemorated with thanksgiving and prayer and exercises designed to perpetuate peace through good will and mutual understanding between nations,”
Flag quilt--Free Motion QuiltingI would like to personally thank all of our veterans.

Thank you for your dedication to our country and thank you for your service!

Thank you to all who serve their countries in the name of freedom and peace throughout the world!Free motion quilting, flag and USA Map
Today on Open Line Friday, please salute your favorite veterans by telling us about them.

If you are a veteran, tell us about what branch of the military you served or where you were stationed.
The Eagle-Free Motion Quilting

“Till all success be nobleness and every gain divine!

We Salute YOU, Veterans wherever YOU serve!

With Gratitude,


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  1. My son served in the Navy for 12 years and now serves in the Air Force National Guard. Currently he is deployed to the United Arab Emirates. I’m so proud of him and his wife and two children that support him.

  2. My dad. He will be 96 in December. He served in WWII at a young age and went to France. He never went to battle but provided many a meal for his comrades as he was pulled in to cook. He still loves to cook! I love listening to his memories and his enthusiasm of his time in France and Britain. Long live my daddy!!!

  3. Well thank you Lori! How nice and it was my pleasure. In 1983, fresh out of high school, I joined the US Air Force as a Medical Adminstration Clerk. I served for 20 years, travelled the world, and retired from the AF in 2003. Today I’m still serving as a USAF Federal Civilian at Randolph Air Force Base but my job today is Cyber Security keeping our adversaries out of all our Human Resources systems. I loved being a member of our military and I wouldn’t change a thing. I tell people I was born with an ID card because my father served for 22 years in the USAF as a jet mechanic, and my grandfather retired from the USAF as an Air Navigator. My son didn’t choose this path but perhaps one of my grands might? There’s a pic of me in my formal dress uniform on my blog . Thank you again and I love all the quilty images in this post! I must give them a try. 🙂

  4. Thank You Lori for your wonderful designs. I am a retired Marine and very proud of my service and the service of all Veteran’s. I love all designs that show respect for all our services. Today is the Marine Corps 242nd. Birthday and we will celebrate in true fashion, tomorrow we will march in the Veteran’s Day parade. Later this month we will celebrate Thanksgiving. This country has much to be thankful for and our military is one. So again Thank You for showing your pride in the way of some Beautiful quilting techniques. Thank You to all that have served our country.

    • Thank you for your service, Brenda. My son also served in the Marine Corps, and I have witnessed the celebration of the Corps birthday. It is celebrated in “true fashion”.

  5. Beautiful designs, Lori, I am going to try to do the eagle for my husband, a Vietnam veteran. Thank you to him, my son-in-law that served in the Navy for six years, my six brothers and veterans and families of veterans that served our country. I shuttered to think where we would be without them.

  6. Today is the Marine Corps birthday and one of the reasons my husband married me😁because today is my birthday as well. We married in college and he served 6+ years in the Corps including a year in Vietnam. We’ve been married 55 years now. Semper Fi Marines!

  7. Thank you to my son who served two tours in Iraq fighting for freedom with the Marines. Thank you to all who have served and are serving.

  8. I come from a Military family and am very proud of each of them. My dad served for 22 years in the Army and spent time in the Korean war. My oldest brother spent 22 years in the Army Airborne unit and spent a lot of time in Vietnam, my son was in the Army for 8 years and spent time in Bosnia. Currently my grand daughter is in the National Guard and plans to go full time Army in January. I also had 3 uncles serve in the Navy during WWII. I am very proud of our service men and women both past and present. I don’t know what we would do with out them. Thank you for your service to all who served.

  9. To my great-uncle Donald Hinds, killed in action in WWII. To may dad, who served after the Korean War; and to my most favorite to be, my son. My wonderful, intelligent, funny, loving Hank, who in July 2018 will start Navy Boot Camp and then work as Fire Control on those big ships. May God keep him safe under His wing. And may God’s blessings shine on our past, present, and future Veterans and their families.

  10. I served in the Army for 8.5 years, and did one medical mission in Guatemala. My father was a West Point grad who served 3 tours in Vietnam. One of my uncles was a Naval Academy grad, another also served in the Army Reserves. My brother was in the Air Force. One of my cousins served 20 years in the Navy. My maternal grandfather served in the Navy WWII, and my father-in-law served in the Air Force in Korea.

  11. My father-in-law served our country in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. He was in the Army for 22 years. My father served in WWII. Thank you for your beautiful tribute to our veterans.

  12. I had uncles that served in the US Navy during WWII and cousins that served during the Vietnam Era. Thank you to all who have served. Since retirement, I have pieced approximately 15 Quilts of Valor, most presented to members of my church. It is so humbling.

  13. I am a Canadian and my father was in the Navy. He was on a ship in the North Atlantic during WWII. He joined the Navy when he was 17. He passed away 4 years ago when he was 88. I recently saw a post on Facebook that was a Canadian version of Proud to be an American by Lee Greenwood. I don’t know if you have ever seen it but when a service man is killed they are brought by plane into the military base in Trenton Ontario and are driven along a major highway, highway 401, to Toronto, now called the Highway of Heroes. The whole way the highway is lined with fireman, policemen and the public saluting as they go by with the hearse. Every overpass is crowded with people and flags to pay there respects. It is an amazing thing to see. It’s very hard to watch the video on facebook with Lee Greenwood singing that song without shedding a few tears.

  14. I I have just celebrated Remembrance Day here in Australia by observing a minute’s silence at 11 am on the 11th Day of the 11th Month. My Classic FM radio station plays the last post then goes off air for a minute. Very moving and makes us think of all the beautiful people killed in senseless wars.

  15. Thank you, Lori. One grandfather served in the Army in France during WWI, the other in the Navy during the 1920s, then again during WWII. My dad was in the Air Force in the early 50s. All my uncles served either during WWII or just after. My husband retired from the Army Reserve after 28 years (11 on active duty, including tours during Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom). I retired in 2008 as a colonel after 26 years in the Army. We have a nephew who is currently serving with the Air Force, with multiple deployments to the Middle East under his belt and about 4 years to retirement.

  16. Thank you for this tribute to veterans on Veteran’s Day
    My husband and I are both retired Air Force members. I retired with 20 years of service and my husband with 21 years. We met in England at RAF Bentwaters. In the early part of my career I was a ground support mechanic, as was my husband. We were married in England and at the time we were both airmen. After returning to the United States I cross-trained to be a public affairs specialist. I remained in this field for the rest of my career.
    My husband and I were stationed at four bases during our years in service. One of our bases was at Ramstein Germany. We did much traveling while there. After Germany we returned to the United States where we were assigned to Ellsworth AFB, SD. It is here that we saw the arrival of the B-1Bs and the deactivation of the missiles that were located throughout the region. We remained at Ellsworth for the rest our careers.
    Two of our three children never experienced moving from one assignment to another but they all were very familiar with one parent or the other deploying from time to time.
    My husband and I both retired in 1995.

  17. My Dad served in World War II and the Korean War. He was in the Marines, and then in the Reserves. He passed away last May 31st. He was 94. Thank You Dad, Miss You

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