From Doodle to Stitch

Doodles, Flowers
Good Morning, Quilters and Doodlers!

Last week, I traveled for the first time to Houston for Quilt Market and when we arrived we realized we were in for a special treat–the Astros were playing in the World Series just a few steps from our hotel!  The city was abuzz with Astro Fever and Quiltmania!   The streets were jammed with quilters carrying bags of fabric and notions and baseball fans sporting their teams colors.   The excitement and energy were palpable!

As I was doing a quilt demo and book signing, a reporter and camera crew came along.  They were doing a segment comparing quilting and baseball!  It is a fun, short video…see if you recognize my free motion quilting!?

World Series of Quilting

Doodles, Flowers


Do you remember this Doodle Lesson?  

We glued a piece of fabric to our notebook and used it to jumpstart a doodle design.

LilQuilter shared  this idea and the article from Machine Quilting Unlimited  

Take the doodle one step beyond.  Add the fabric slice to a quilt sandwich and quilt the design!

Doodles, Flowers

Have fun with this exercise.  Spend at least twenty minutes–the average amount of time it takes to move from left brain (logical and analytical) to right brain (intuitive).

See what develops!

What about YOU?

Do YOU ever just play and experiment with machine quilting?

What works for YOU?

We’d LOVE to hear!


Little League Lori

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25 thoughts on “From Doodle to Stitch

  1. Lori – thanks for the shout-out and for posting the link to the MQU article! And also for sharing the Houston video link. What fun! Happy quilting to all!

  2. I actually saw the newscast! Too cool. As you know, our Houston Astros actually WON the World Series (eventually). If they had won while they were in Houston, you would not have believed the traffic and mania! I am glad they chose to interview you.

    • It was so much fun to be in the city that week! I love Houston! And when I’m not cheering for the Chicago Cubs I will cheer for the Astros!

  3. Gee, Lori, I’ve never thought about placing a beautiful piece of fabric next to paper and doodling, must have missed that one! Looks very interesting and will try that tonight whilst doodling. Thanks again for the direction you provide!

  4. What a fun video!!! You did a great job talking to the reporter. I would have been a nervous wreck and all ummms and uhhhhhs!!!

    I like the idea of attaching the fabric to a quilt sandwich. What a good way to get some much needed practice!! Thanks for the tip.

  5. Hi Lori! I posted your World Series quilt video on FB for my friend Jayson Stark who is a well known baseball journalist. I hope he and his wife find it as amusing as I did!

  6. Okay for those of us who don’t get to attend Quilt Festival, I appreciate the video. And to see you in action, woo-how, Lori. Way to go!! V-

  7. I took a FM class recently. The instructor suggested that a good way to practice FM quilting was with a “cheater” panel. I purchased a Christmas panel and have been busy practicing my FM skills on it. She was right! This is instant gratification and a fabulous learning tool. I doubt the end product will merit hanging in our home for the holidays, but I’m learning a lot and having fun doing it.

  8. Thanks for sharing that video, Lori! Really fun to see you and the Quilt Festival at Houston! And, great doodling/quilting tips!

  9. Thanks for sharing the World Series of Quilting – Loved it! Also thanks for reminding us about doodling. I need to do more!!

  10. You share so many helpful ideas. This last one of using a fabric swatch to start a doodle design is wonderful.
    Thank you so much. I just purchased your latest craftsy class. Waiting for your new book to come out.
    Thank you‼️💐

  11. You hit it out of the ballpark with this posting. I can’t imagine how you keep bringing us so much inspiration and unselfishly sharing your talent along with links to other talented, interesting opportunities. Loved the video and scrap quilt inspiration!!

  12. sorry to have missed you in Houston. Could only go to the Quilt Festival and not the Quilt Market. Thanks for posting the video. Wouldn’t have gotten to see it otherwise.

  13. I have been more satisfied with my FMQ, since I have taken up doodling possible motiffs. I also like to thread paint. I can’t afford a embroidery machine so I do it myself.

  14. Just finished the Moda block of the month from last year. Be my neighbor, Better late than never, I say. Anyway,I want to custom quilt each block. I have been stumbling around with these. Will keep going didn’t know about the left brain right brain time frame.

  15. The best I have done in the way of playing and experimenting with quilting was years ago, after my father passed away. I got into some trouble at work. (Always the rebel, this time I got caught 😉 ) They suspended me for the afternoon! (I’m 60 years at this point!!! Give me a break!) Anyway, since I was home and had no other plans, I got out some fabric and batting, made a sandwich and started playing. I really need to do that again, it was fun and took my mind off of all my woes!

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