6 thoughts on “Seamstress in Fine Art

  1. Indeed, this is “realism”. She looks so very sad. The artist has certainly captured this feeling perfectly. Makes me wonder what is going through this child’s mind?

  2. Love that piece of art. My grandmother from Switzerland learned how to knit socks as a young girl in school and did it all her life.

    • But did your grandmother have to knit in the woods, or was she allowed to knit by a nice cozy fire? 😉 It’s odd that a lot of artists have young girls knitting in the woods or in an open field. If you drop your ball of wool it’ll take ages to pick all the little bits of moss and sticks out of the wool. Now THAT’S realism!

  3. Wonderful paintings. On the link there are so many that are almost like photos. Love the girl in the pink stripe outfit and the one with the little boy on her knee and the ladies in the laundry and and and . . .

    Thank you for the link, I do enjoy the art.

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