The Pumpkin Sampler-A Machine Quilting FREE Project!



Pumpkin Machine Quilting Sampler, Machine Quilting, HalloweenGood Morning, Quilters!

I am off on a quilting jaunt-teaching at the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina and then I am heading straight to Houston for Quilt Market!

One of the projects we will be working on is the Pumpkin Sampler I designed for Quilt Shop Gal a few years ago.  You can find the pattern and instructions HERE.
Pumpkin Machine Quilting Sampler, Machine Quilting, HalloweenOnce you start doodling, you will a lot of ways to quilt this fun little project.Lori Kennedy Quilts, The Pumpkin Sampler
Lori Kennedy Quilts, The Pumpkin Sampler
This year, I mixed it up by using different fabrics and Aurifil wool thread.  I used a 90 Topstitch needle and I LOVE this easy way to add a bold border motif.
Pumpkin Machine Quilting Sampler, Machine Quilting, HalloweenOf course, Roxie loves everything I make!

Wait!   Is Roxie eyeing that wool like it’s a treat?

Pumpkin Machine Quilting Sampler, Machine Quilting, Halloween


What about YOU?

Are YOU making any Halloween quilts? (Seven Spooky Motifs tomorrow)

Have you ever stitched with wool thread?

Does YOUR dog or cat like spools of thread?

Does YOUR pet love your quilts?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Happy Adventurous Stitching,


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19 thoughts on “The Pumpkin Sampler-A Machine Quilting FREE Project!

  1. Wool thread……intriguing! I am a longarmer and I am wondering if it’s even possible on my machine. I generally don’t quilt on my Bernina since I find it easier on the longarm where I don’t have to fight the weight of the quilt.

  2. I just adore this pumpkin, especially how you show the ‘development’ from minimalist to very full decorative. I’m practicing on small quilt sandwiches that usually end up as hot pads! I added your smaller pumpkin and vine to a table runner, put a few of your bats in the border!
    Thank you so much for sharing..

  3. Lori, I followed along last year for your pumpkin lessons, and I made two in brown and orange. They are my favorite projects, and I made a pillow and wall hanging. I’m pleased to see your variations today as I still have two sandwiches ready in gold and rust for fall projects. Thank you as always; your creativity and generosity bless and inspire.

  4. Love your pumpkin designs. Will you be in the Bernina booth at Market? I hope to see you again. A friend, Joan Cook, is in your class this week–lucky!

  5. I love this design. I just bought an autumn themed kit and will be practicing this new motif. Thanks Lori for always bringing us fresh ideas.

  6. John C. Campbell Folk School is terrific and I LOVE your pumpkin. Reminds me of Zentangle which I want to incorporate into my quilting more.

  7. My dog periodically scouts the floor of my sewing room. It’s obvious when she has discovered a spool of thread that has escaped my desktop. She RUNS out of the room and under our bed where she demolishes yards and yards of thread.
    I’ve started saving my empty spools for when she comes to see what she can forage from my floor. Even the empties can keep her happy for a little while.

  8. I do not have a pet. My sisters dog chewed the handles off a pair of Karen Kay Buckley scissors. She said look what your dog did. Her husband bought her another pair. Boomer chewed those too. We think they might smell like a nylabone.

  9. I hope you receive abundant blessing through your time at the folk school. It’s an amazing place. What an honor to teach there! Enjoy.

  10. Great quilting!

    My cats would eat the thread from the spool as it was feeding through the machine while I was sewing! I had to start locking him in another room while I sewed. Lol!

  11. My kitty is a funny little girl- she watches from the doorway and heaves big sighs while I stitch away, but she cannot wait to share my lap while I stitch down the back side of the binding on a project- even the wall hangings!!

  12. I have a 5 lb. Yorkie/Bichon. Such a tiny dog and such a destroyer! She chewed on a cone of Rayon embroidery thread. Every time I use light purple, I think of little Miss Mischief. PS Love this all over quilted pumpkin!

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