6 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Hmmmm! Hard knitting for little hands and she is concentrating so hard. It is clear that her yarn ball is on the floor, so I wonder why she is burdened with the woven basket on her arm. Beautiful detail in his painting.

    • Very observant! She is really concentrating so hard. I wonder if she is thinking about knitting or something else?

  2. When I first learned to knit, at my mother’s knee, my stitches were soooo tight it was hard to get the needle into them. You learn over time to loosen up. Perhaps she hasn’t quite learned to knit looser yet, therefore the concentration, or is it consternation?
    This artist had a definite talent for creating texture, and he used it well. To create believable knitting, and a basket you can feel in your mind, is a true talent … innate rather than learned perhaps.

  3. That’s intricate knitting for a child. Hopefully she didn’t snitch her Mother’s basket to make a fast get away. But she’s so intent using four needles to knit the sleeve.
    Great painting, sweet child.

    • OMG! I was just thinking the same thing when I looked at the painting again. She’s very young to be working three-needle knitting, and I also had wondered if she was trying to figure out her mother’s knitting. Great minds, and all that.

  4. I came again and by gosh, I think that my statement was wrong, her yarn ball is NOT on the floor, it is IN the basket. I thought I was following the knitting end of yarn but I was actually following the beginning end and my eyesight picked that up but it also follows a line in her skirt.

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