The Spooky Bat-A Machine Quilting Tutorial

Machine Quilting Tutorial, Bat, HalloweenGood Morning, Quilters!

Just in time for Halloween- we have bats in our belfry!

Bats have been associated with Halloween ever since Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula could transform into a bat to get the girl or to get away…spooky!

But I don’t think that really happens?!

Bats are amazing mammals–

Read 13 Amazing Facts about Bats here...

(It does not list anything about changing into I pretty confident that it’s not true.)


Begin by drawing three parallel lines.  In the sample below, the lines are 1-1/2 inch apart.

Begin stitching on the middle line.  Stitch a wavy line, then add an oval along the drawn line.  Stop on top.

Spooky Bats, Machine Quilting, Tutorial

Stitch several stitches on the left side of the oval, then add a shallow scallop.

Add three or four small scallops to create the bat’s wing.Stitch over the top of the bat’s “head”–stitching over the previous line of stitching.Spooky Bats, Machine Quilting, TutorialAdd a shallow scallop toward the right guideline.Add three to four small scallops to complete the bat’s right wing.

Stitch on the oval to the bottom of the bat to complete the motif.

Add a wavy line to begin the next bat in the row.Spooky Bats, Machine Quilting, Tutorial
Stitch offset rows of bats to fill a background, or add loops between the bats to create an all over motif (not shown).
Spooky Bats, Machine Quilting, Tutorial

Spooky, but easy!!!

Turn on a Halloween movie and start stitching!

What’s YOUR favorite Halloween movie?

(Mine is The Sandlot–in other words…I don’t have a favorite Halloween movie-I HATE to be scared!)

What about YOU?

Do YOU like scary movies?

What’s YOUR favorite movie in the fall?

We’d LOVE to hear!


Creepy Crawley-Kennedy

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21 thoughts on “The Spooky Bat-A Machine Quilting Tutorial

  1. I HATE scary movies too!!! In fact, my husband and I went to our state fair this year … to see the quilts of course. However, he wanted to relive our courtship by riding on the Old Mill, a boat ride through a long tunnel where people/things jump out at you and scream. Of course 52 years ago it provided a good excuse to hug each other; today, skip it! We can hug each other without the scary screaming and the dark tunnel. BTW, I love stitching out your Halloween/fall images. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  2. Love the bats! I say “no” to scary movies, also!! Enjoy the Fall season, though. However, how did I raise a daughter who loves scary things!!! Lol!

  3. I agree with Mary, I HATE things jumping out at me. Ever since I saw “Wait Until Dark” I’ve purposely avoided scary movies, and I never pick blood and gore movies either. Bella Lugosi … lovely man … wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley. Bats are quite sweet … at a distance. Love yours though, Lori. I can’t think of any particularly autumnal movies. I haven’t had my coffee yet. That’s my excuse. 😉👹👹

  4. I love scary movies, it’s my husband that doesn’t. But I must clarify, I love a SCARY movie not GORY movies. Cape Fear is a good movie. Not sure what movie would be my favorite.

  5. You’re bat pattern is really cute. I read the article you referred to on bats. It was very interesting. We have bats around our security light out back occasionally. They are quite fun to watch and I actually think they have cute little faces! I like having them around to help with insect control.

    I don’t like “screamer” movies either. My husband likes to watch them, and all of that screaming drives me nuts. Sometimes I want the monster to get them so all of that screaming will stop!

  6. The best Halloween movie ever is the old Disney cartoon version of ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’! Been watching it since I was a kid and they had it on tv every year at Halloween time. How old is it? Well- the narrator is Bing Crosby! It’s old and probably very out of date, but I love it and so do all my grandkids. I have it on DVD and we watch it every October- several times! It’s not terrifying- just spooky at best- and the music is great!

  7. Nope, no scary movies for me either! I’ve watched a few in my life and always have nightmares for many nights afterwards. And when did Halloween become so gory? Yeech! We have bats living at at our annual camp site – they help keep the bug population down.

  8. Scary movies not for me. As Halloween approaches we see more and more of those movies. We had bats in the barn and Dad always warned me to watch out since they might get in my hair!! I know they’re good for the environment but not for me.

  9. When I was much younger (now, don’t try to guess!), I didn’t mind scary movies, then I saw movies like ‘The Shining’ and ‘Fatal Attraction’ and that was it… I don’t like it when movies are scary and can hit close to reality! As for bats, they are awesome. They can be a nuisance if they come in, but what they do to our environment, is super. As always Lori, awesome quilting motif! I shall have to try it with pumpkins on my Halloween quilt top for a side table!!!

  10. The bat facts were great! Thinking we should put up a bat house to attract some and help keep their numbers up. It is like a bird house about the size of a wood duck house…just needs to be up high.

  11. Thanks for promoting bats. That was a great page of information. I remember one night in the Arizona desert when I realized what I was hearing was their sonar!

    I like suspense movies (think Hitchcock). The old horror movies seem innocent next to today’s visceral movies, themselves descendants of slasher movies. But my favorite is probably Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein.” 😉

  12. NOPE, no scary movies. One of the first movies I went to with my husband was The Exorcist. I watched the floor a lot. Loved the bats and am using them with some ghosts and spooky eyes in my daughter’s 2nd grade classroom.

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