12 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Lori,
    I received your book yesterday and couldn’t wait to tear into the box! I often skip the intro parts of quilting books , but not yours- it’s full of amazing tips. Thanks for “allowing” me to be comfortable with developing my own style of quilting! That statement is so freeing. Thanks also for the little bonus that was included. LOVE your teaching methods.

    • Pam I am so delighted at your note. I think quilters buy the book for motifs but will keep the book for the other information! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. What does your eye “go to”? First, for me, the overall scene and personality, but then, the vase and bouquet catch my eye and hold my attention and admiration.

    • Loved your comment and I agree with you! That’s exactly the way my eye wandered over the painting. Now, I can’t stop looking at the vase and the flowers, either. They are very nicely painted. But, I must admit the chair got my attention too. My grandmother used to have one that looked similar to that one.

  3. I also enjoy the Seamstress in Fine Arts pictures, but this one is probably the most appealing to me so far. Love the richness of the colors, and the practicality of using drawer to hold her yarn. Quick to hand, easy to tuck out of sight. I’ve done it myself, haven’t you? Even the chair looks inviting.

  4. Everything about that painting is intriguing. Love the colors and how they all blend together in such a lovely setting.

  5. I wonder if she keeps her wool supply in a drawer to keep a kitty from chasing it. Hmmm.
    The colours in her sweater and shawl are very bright for the times. Her skirt is more a colour you would expect from plant dyes of that time. I wonder when synthetic dyes started to become widely available. Hmmmmm, again. It’s a puzzler.

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