Craftsy Filming Day!

Craftsy TeamGood Morning, Quilters!

On the top of my planner, there is a little box labeled:  Today’s Focus. For the past several weeks I have filled it in with Craftsy!  I have worked with the talented editors at Craftsy to write an outline, then a script and then tweak and  tweak the script while we added quilts and graphics to highlight each topic.  When we weren’t writing, I was sewing.

Finally, Craftsy! week is here!  I flew in to Denver on Tuesday and yesterday we had rehearsals and shot still photos of the quilts.  It was hard work, but the Craftsy team is both professional and fun!

I know from previous experience that today’s filming will be hard work!  It is hard enough to remember what I’m trying to convey…but to have to be sure to look at the right camera and point slowly so the camera can follow and then not sound like a robot…argh!

One of the tricks from the producers is to think about actually talking to someone-so I will be talking to you, gentle reader!  I will be thinking of you!

CraftsyPlease think of me and send positive quilting vibes my way!

Perhaps you could all take a moment to quilt or doodle….

I’m sure it will help!

May YOUR day be filled with terrifying exciting adventure!


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42 thoughts on “Craftsy Filming Day!

  1. Stage jitters are good for you, They make the final product the best it can be. I think you are a natural Lori, your tutorials are really professional and you make it look so easy!
    Good luck and have fun.

  2. Break a leg (but don’t break a needle!!). I love your classes — there’s no reason for you be nervous (although I know that doesn’t help any). HAVE FUN!!!

  3. “Break a leg” — as they say in showbiz! Seriously, you will do great — your work is exceptional and you have confidence in your ability! I’m ready — Talk To Me!

  4. Cool. I will doodle away…every spare moment I have. Might only be one page of doodling but it will all be thinking good thoughts for u.

  5. Congratulations. You are an inspiration to me. I am starting to practice one of your flower designs that I hope to use on my first quilt.

  6. My favorite quote… “She Believed she could and so she did!” I don’t know who the author is but I use it on t-shirts, wall hangings for my Grand Girls… and I know that you Believe in You, Lori!

  7. Welcome back to Colorado. Praying for you today, I am so thankful for you, and that you share your talents and gifts with all of us. May His peace calm you as you film.

  8. You will do great!! You are such an inspiration to many! I hope the day goes smoothly and that you enjoy the process, even though it will be hard work.

  9. I’s excited for you–and for me! I have your other Craftsy classes and they’re great! They are clearly worded, concise, educational, and so adaptable. Thanks!

  10. You will be spectacular, as always! I understand the staff at Craftsy you are working with are fantastic at their job and lots of fun, so enjoy. PS I’m doodling in the dust – LOL!

  11. You are such a pro at this.You’ll do great! Sending positive quilting vibes your way. Can’t wait for your newest class.

  12. Just take a deep breath. You’ll do great Lori like you did on the other videos. How exciting to do another one. Your designs are so beautiful and you give such great instructions on how to complete them. Thank you.

  13. loving thoughts, prayers, good wishes, all of these repeated over and over is my wish for you dear Lori! Waiting for release date.

  14. I shall be listening for the gentle hum of a machine and thinking of your wisdom infused hands ,Breath ,smile and enjoy your experience

  15. awesome!! Have fun with it! I am just south of you in Colorado Springs- I hope it is sunnier up there today!!

  16. Positive vibes coming your way! You will do great and looking forward to seeing this new class. I can’t imagine all of the writing and quilting and hard work to get ready for this event. You still managed to get some blogging in. I hope you can relax and have fun talking to us!

  17. By this evening the shooting has already happened, and you were stupendous and didn’t really need us … except maybe to make that damn butterfly in your stomach lie down or fly away or something. You’re great on camera. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you with sewing guru Nancy Zieman. It’s nice to know what your voice and personality are like. I can now imagine who is writing this great blog. Cheers to you 🍾

  18. It’s already tomorrow, Lori, and I just know you did a fantastic job! Will be sure to add this class to your other two, and I can’t wait for it thanks again for what I know will be a fantastic class

  19. I have your Craftsy classes and I can honestly say that I enjoyed them greatly and always felt that you were talking directly to me. You’re a natural!
    Btw, do I detect a Stephen King influence there, “gentle reader”? Keep up the good work

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