Unfinished Business-Poppies!

Poppies, Machine Quilting, Lori KennedyGood Morning, Quilters!

Where are the Tuesday Tutorials?

Where is August flower of the month? (Poppies)

Where is September flower of the month? (Forget-me-Nots)

Forget-me-Nots? I have NOT forgotten!!!

Just way over scheduled!!!  Teaching at Quilt Expo Wisconsin, Sulky Webinar, Book 2 Proofs, and a Craftsy filming -all in September!


As if my stack of UFO’s wasn’t enough, I’ve added a list of blog posts that should have been written!  (Don’t even ask about the dusting!)

Please be patient...The Big Craftsy Project is nearly complete and Winter is coming to Minnesota–that’s when I do my best quilting and my best blogging!

Until then…

Just an outline of an idea…

What about YOU? Do YOU ever notice how projects with deadlines get done first?

Is there a lesson we can learn from this?

Any projects on the back burner at YOUR house?

Have YOU dusted today?

We’d LOVE to hear!


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60 thoughts on “Unfinished Business-Poppies!

  1. No dusting but I’ve repotted three lovely new butterfly attracting Australian native plants on my balcony in the south of Sydney, Australia. Much nicer than dusting.

  2. Take your time… we all over schedule ourselves from time to time. Don’t worry, we’ll be right here waiting for you. Your quilting tutorials are worth waiting for. I love your poppies. I did something similar on a recent quilt, but look forward to seeing your technique.

  3. Dusting… I could practice free motion patterns in the dust! I did finish 2 projects for wedding gifts and still plugging away on my hand quilting project; there is always something in the wings waiting for completion.

  4. We forgive you and know how avalanches hit people who do the most. Talk about dust, I am choking….PS. those fowries are lovely.

  5. Take time to breathe any thing you give us is always worth waiting for and if we run out of projects while waiting there is always dusting, LOL!!!

  6. I’ve got a stack of non-quilting sewing projects to get done and I just want to quilt! Been procrastinating on these for a while though and just need to take care of them.

  7. I think all of your fans and followers are happy for your success. I’ll be there whenever you have time to post. Meanwhile, I can go back and practice all the wonderful tutorials you’ve already done for us. Uh, unfortunately, I can practice by doodling in the dust. That’s a good one!

  8. No dusting here either (that’s another day) but have fed,watered and cleaned up after the horses, fed cats, and dog…going to be quilting for a couple of hours later if the light is right! I’ve been harvesting the apples, grapes, squash, and pumpkins – baking and ‘putting up’. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of galley proofs, then I’ll get busy! Like you Lori, winter is a very productive time for me.
    Love your blog and Sulky presentations. I’ve got your classes on my wish list .

  9. I find that busy people are the happiest people, especially when their head hits the pillow! Deadlines are good, they make me focus and I sure need that at times.
    Your tutorials are worth the wait, so relax a bit, you’ve got quite a bit on your plate.
    What’s dusting?

  10. Two young college students do my dusting, so happy to help them on their journey. That gives me time to play after Tai Chi class. Mind and body are happy!!!

  11. Dusting? What’s dusting? – LOVE the poppies!
    Let’s see:
    -Bed made; but carpet needs vacuuming
    -Did dishes, but need to empty the dishwasher
    -Fed the critters (3 cats & 1 large dog) but the pooch needs walking
    -Need to plan dinner

    And what am I doing? Take a guess.

    Sewing machine + fabric = Happiness!!

  12. Love the poppies. As for dusting – leave the spiders alone and they’ll catch it in their webs when it moves about. As for removing the webs – well that’s another matter. Don’t look up!

      • Many many years ago my eldest sister gave our mother a book by Phyllis Diller called “Phyllis Diller’s Household Hints”. I don’t remember them all, but your comment Kerry reminded me of one about spider webs. If someone notices them in your home and suggests you remove them, you feign shock and say “WHAT, and disturb junior’s science project?” The other one that sticks in my head is to decorate your livingroom in pinstripe wallpaper … Guests will be halfway home before they can focus properly.

  13. When the dust bunnies start chasing my dog, it’s time to dust!!
    I have three charity quilts that I am working on. I have a quilt that I want to try free motion quilting with motifs of cows, pigs, chickens etc. It was a gift for my great nephew when he was born, he is going on six years old! Oh just a little behind!!!
    I attend one of your lectures at the Quilt Expo. I really enjoyed it!

  14. wash your mouth out woman heehee! actually I have been ill and lying on the settee while DH has been using the vacuum cleaner. we have been to Norway and I bought yarn there and am currently knitting a cardigan on circular needles and then it will be zigzag stitched and cut through. I have plans to make another wall hanging with FMQ

  15. Ahhhh, that ole dust can wait ! Did vaccum then cleaned sewing room. Then…….. on to cutting out a new project. Have an upcoming retreat so need something new for that.
    Love love all your demos ! Looking forward to the Poppies.

  16. Dusting is just a protective covering on my furniture and I don’t want to scratch my furniture…….I love the things you teach us, can’t wait for the new book and Winter’s coming- although here in FL its the best time of year!

  17. When my third grandnephew was born I made him a lovely redwork embroidered quilt, the blocks surrounded with red&white polka-dot fabric. Now he’s 9 and heavily into Star Wars Lego. Sigh! I hope the quilt is carefully stored for a future great grand-nephew or -niece. But as we all know, you make the quilts and you have to kiss them goodbye, because the average recipient has no idea how to treat them or store them, and never asks. Oh well, an excuse to make more.

    • I always give a Care & Instruction postcard with a quilt. I also make a embroidered or printed fabric label that is a pocket (sewn in on 3 sides), with the names of the recipient, giver, top maker/ piecer, quilter(s), etc, as well as the date completed & any other “historical” details that might be of interest (like length of time it took to make, or # of hours of quilting in it). I put some swatches of the fabrics used inside the pocket, in the event it ever needs repair. Once that’s done, you give a kiss & send it on its way, hopefully loved & gently used. Sometimes I tell them the story of how my grandmother was heartbroken when she saw a quilt she’d made for a cousin on the floor of the laundry room, for the dog’s bed!

      • I make a lot of quilts for our local crisis centre, and when I send them along I often enclose a sheet of minimal washing instructions, then say goodbye and hope for the best.

        This summer I received back (for repairs) the quilt I had made for my first grandnephew when he was four … it was well loved. Luckily I still had some of the fabric in my stash … 15 years later. Sometimes fabric hoarding is a GOOD thing, LOL 🤗

  18. You are such an inspiration, Lori…now we just know you are wonderfully human too. Lets us sigh inside that we are OK. Ha! Loved your demos with Nancy. Perfect timing…working on a baby quilt with a nautical theme, and doodling fish and bubbles. Thanks for leading the way in FMQ!! Best, Linda B

  19. Lot’s of amusing comments today. Such fun. The poppies are gorgeous Lori. We really appreciate all the designs you share with us. On a serious note, you need somebody to help with your “back office” stuff, thus giving you the freedom to keep your brain free for the creating which you so clearly love. Lots of bloggers do it. Now what was that saying about candles and both ends…… 😉

  20. … And the poppies are just lovely. They always remind me of the poem I learned in school “In Flanders Field”. Not until much later did I discover the significance of the poem. A lovely remembrance flower. At the Canadian National Quilt Show in June there was a Quilt of Valour on display quilted with poppies, white on white. It was very effective. Thanks for the lovely reminder.

  21. It is wonderful that you are so busy and successful! Did you ever dream of all this?

    My daughter bought a robotic floor vacuum that she has named Matilda. She loves coming home to a cleaned room but every once in a while she reports that Matilda “was sulking in the corner” or “just gave up” -(when her batteries run out).
    Just sayin’ – it could be an alternative to keep us where we want to be!

  22. A quilt buddy says dust is a protective covering for furniture! Take joy in what you are doing, your fans will be waiting patiently.

  23. Love those red poppies! As to projects on the back burner, I just dug out a quilt top that I made maybe 4-5 years ago that was supposed to be a base for Thread Play a la Libby Leman. Never got around to the thread play. I have decided to take it off the back burner it as I am between projects. Spent the last three days drawing splats and echoing, finally got it right on freezer paper. Now to push thru to actually get down to the playing. As to dusting, I hate dusting but I had a designer come to my home on Monday as we are in desperate need of new sofas so I dusted just for her. Otherwise it’s been way to long since I dusted. Didn’t want her to think I’m a slob.

  24. Laundry is interleaving with quilting and crocheting today. Mom liked to say that “dust” like “iron” is best used as a noun, since “the verb form is a four-letter-word which I do not allow in my house.” One of the pluses of living in a temperate climate is having the option to occasionally open all the windows, remove the screens, and let God blow the dust out of the house. Sometimes the beagle chases the dust bunnies into the corners then takes a nap. Win-win!!

  25. Dusting? What’s that? I am working on the border of my first FMQ queen sized quilt. I stencil marked with chalk all the sashings, 1 at a time right before I quilted them, but finally got bold enough and more experienced, and am now doing the final borders truly FMQ!!! You are right: practice makes confident enough to get rid of the training wheels.

  26. Projects, with Deadline. Hmmmm my elderly Aunt called me the other week confirming the colors for my afgan she is crocheting. It has been on her list for 2 years. Now I have to get moving on the picture quilt I plan on giving her. She told me she had made 8 so far this year so I better get going.

  27. Dust is where we write notes to one another. Think I’ll leave a little FMQ doodling in mine from now on 🙂 Loved that idea! Dust bunnies are named at our house; makes it much easier to let them stay around longer.

  28. It’s ok to just take a little time off, makes us appreciate you even more!! Good luck in all your endeavors!

  29. No, no projects on MY back burner. :\ I only have like 10 things that need to be done now. So, what do I do? I ask my nephew who’s getting married next June if they want a wedding quilt. And decide I need to make a quilt for my 7-year old nephew. Oh, and why not jump in with both feet on our 2018 quilt show raffle quilt?!?? No wonder I’m crazy and can’t keep stuff straight!! THat said, though, with so much going on, you simply HAVE to do SOMETHING every day. And every little bit gets you closer to done! 🙂

  30. It’s possible for anyone to get overwhelmed. You’re doing great in your quest to share your skills and accomplishments with us, as well as with new people to take advantage of opportunities to share your ideas and skills by means of the invitations you are responding to. I imagine that most all of us appreciate your excellent, ingenious, and generous use of these exciting opportunities to share by means of new invitations to share with other would-be, as well as skilled, quilters. Carry one, we’re here, cheering you loyally, practicing motifs, watching your blog and your guest appearances as you share your skills, talents, and ideas with us and those you are reaching out to beyond your top notch blog, which, you are probably noticing, is growing with new quilters who are as inspired as we are by your generously sharing your tips and techniques with clarity and poise.

  31. I currently have 18 dogs (I rescue large senior dogs, many with medical needs) and the combination of dog hair and dust can take over. I hadn’t thought of doodling in the dust, but good idea. It will make a good excuse for not cleaning. I am also currently taking a course in middle period hieroglyphs and as I use the same pad to practice those as for quilting, there must be a way to use the Egyptian designs in my quilting.

    Lori, if you skip a few months I won’t have so much to catch up on.

    • Wow! What a labor of love to care for that many dogs! I am sure hieroglyphs would make gorgeous quilting!

  32. Just found your website. Judging by the responses I absolutely cannot wait to view your tutorials. I need inspiration to soothe my mental status and I believe this is just what I need. Looking forward to learning from you. I worry more about the cobwebs in my head than in my house. However, if anyone notices the cobwebs in my house… Its a simple Halloween or fall decoration. If still there at Christmas ill just mention the spider and its web Christmas tradition, the pickle had one…

  33. I love all the non dusters out there. Quilting people are the BEST. I don’t know any of you, but I feel like we are all good friends. PS Spider webs catch flies and
    other critters.

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