More Sewing with Nancy!

Good Morning, Quilters!

Last December, as I was browsing lazily through my emails,  I noticed a note from the editor at Martingale.  I leapt out of my chair when I read that Nancy Zieman had expressed interest in Free Motion Machine Quilting, 1-2-3 and if I was available she was extending an invitation to film two episodes in February 2017!

Was I available?????

Are you kidding me????

I would have hired a dog sled to get from Minnesota to Wisconsin in February if necessary!

Nancy Zieman, Lori Kennedy

I have watched Sewing with Nancy forever!  She is a celebrity in my house–all of my kids knew exactly who I was talking about when I sent a group text announcing the news!

Nancy Zieman, Lori Kennedy

Fortunately, while it was bitter cold as we drove to Wisconsin (my daughter, Faye came along)–there was no need for canine escorts.

Watch Part One HERE

Watch Part Two HERELori Kennedy Machine Quilting, Nancy Zieman, Sewing with Nancy

In addition to working and filming, Nancy and her husband graciously invited us to dinner. It was a lovely evening.  They told us stories about their early years including some very funny stories of the mistakes they made.  The key (in their words) they just went to work every day and they stuck together.

Nancy’s story is one of hard work and perseverance.

Thank you, Nancy!  YOU have been an inspiration to so many of us–as an seamstress, as an artist, as a businesswoman and as a lady!

What about YOU?  Has Nancy inspired you?

We’d LOVE to hear!









48 thoughts on “More Sewing with Nancy!

  1. I watched Nancy for years especially when I was sewing clothing. Now I quilt. Unfortunately she doesn’t show all the time in the DFW area, but I sub to her newsletters and website. Very talented lady. I have the video recordings of her old shows somewhere in this house!

  2. Yes, I always have watched Nancy too. I was really happy when she started to do more quilting & craft things along with the clothing. She is a very talented lady and has been a mentor to many of us. Thanks Nancy for sharing your talents with us. Thanks to you also Lori, you are so willing to help us & share your knowledge with us too. Yes, I have your free motion 123 and just love it!! Have a fantastic week…

  3. After trying PBS and not being able to view the shows, I turned to Youtube. There it is! Sewing with Nancy Free Motion Quilting 1-2-3.
    So awesome that you got to spend time with Nancy and show your techniques.
    Aileen in FL

  4. There’s always a “something for everyone” feel to her programs….from quilting to garments to creative fabric usage in other genres. Constantly sharing helpful tips/hints with us all. Nancy is one amazing lady (along with her hubby and the rest of her crew). And congratulations on your wonderful time spent in her studios. “You’ve come a long way, baby!” and your FMQ is shared in the perfect “do-able” format. Hugs……

  5. When I was young with four daughters, working full time, Nancy helped me use those 15 and 20 moments to sew. I was able to sew wardrobes for my girls until they reached High School. Thank you, Nancy.

  6. Oh my goodness, Lori, Yes, you must have been surprised and completely honored that the Queen of Sewing, Nancy would request your presence. I adore her, always have. She is so inspiring.My mom and I watched her on tv when I was in high school 😬🤓 bc to me that was more exciting than hanging around the mall, that was certain.
    I am going to watch these episodes.
    She is a gem, and will always be. She officially retired and announced her terminal illness, I completely hope that just being with her beloved family gives her much more time.

  7. Yes, Nancy, is just an icon to me. Such a talented lady. And I capitalize Lady! I’ve watched her shows for years and years. So much knowledge she has shared. Will so miss her being on tv.
    And I’m so proud for you for the opportunity to be on her shows with her. I have your book and just love it. Used some of your techniques recently on a quilt I did. Love all your videos and blog how-to’s.
    Thanks for sharing with us !

  8. YEARS ago, I wrote a note to my local PBS requesting they add “Sewing with Nancy” to their lineup. Watching one Saturday, I saw what appeared to be my handwriting as the announcer proclaimed, “You asked for it & we arranged for it!” I’d seen the show years earlier & knew what a gem Nancy’s teaching was. Gosh, has she blessed so many with her simple teaching style!

  9. Yes, Nancy was my sewing inspiration and instructor for years when I was too busy with newborns to sew. I watched her show and thought of it as “Learning With Nancy” when I couldn’t take my portable machine and pins out to my kitchen table. As my children grew, I was able to sew more. We haven’t had a television in our home for years, but I’m constantly learning/sewing with Nancy via internet. So excited that you Lori could join Nancy for what will truly be two of my favorite episodes!

    • Martha, WOW! No TV — How I would LOVE that constant distraction of TV to go away, but my hubby is a news addict!! Whenever I can (these days it’s been hard with an ailing elder), I escape to my sewing room w/ some music or Wholetones to listen to. I miss it so much, I whimper when I pass it in the hallway! Soon, I promise myself!!

  10. God Bless Nancy! She is my go to gal whenever I sew anything. I decorated my house when I first got married with her. Headboards, window treatments etc. When I took up quilting in the 70’s she was and still is invaluable. She is like a cherished member of my family. I love you, Nancy! I wish you love and all good things in your retirement. oooxxx Lori, thanks for the chance to write these words to an amazing woman. You are loved as well.

    • Oh me too. 10-20-30 minutes to sew is how I found out about her. Then I purchased her busy women’s fitting book and my level of sewing soared. I follow her techniques for altering all my patterns and viola they fit very well. Get compliments a lot. Folks can’t believe it did not come from the store. Love, love, love her catalog – just looking through it; inspires me. So, Lori, what an honor. Would loved to have been a fly on the wall at your dinner table. Kudos! Vivian

  11. Our local PBS station called to do a survey on what PBS shows we regularly watch. The interviewer (a young man) was not surprised when I mentioned Downton Abbey or Call the Midwife, but did a verbal double take when I said Sewing with Nancy. Of course, I also mentioned Lawrence Welk, so I represented the “mature viewer” demographic pretty well! I will miss Nancy’s programs, and I want to express my appreciation for her creativity and “can do” attitude.

  12. Good morning Lori, Your shout out to Nancy couldn’t come at a better time. I have been watching Nancy since I was in college in the 80’s and raised my kids with Nancy. She is like a part of OUR family with all of her knowledge, inspiration, trust and heartfelt advice. If we ever needed to know how to do something, we looked up past shows of Nancy’s to learn. She is a true legend with an amazing knowledge base and outstanding achievements, that I will miss with her retirement. Nancy is a true testament as to what one can achieve, if one works hard, is honest and sincere with what they are conveying to those that are willing to listen. Lori, I feel the same way: I would have done anything to get to where Nancy was just to meet her. Take cudos for yourself as well, Lori. You are also a great inspiration with amazing talents. I love both of you! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  13. I watch Sewing with Nancy every Thursday afternoon here in NC. I have watched since I was a teen when my mother introduced me to the show so Nancy has been a welcome part of my life for many years. Like so many others I am praying for her and being blessed by her faith and integrity and strong sense of purpose in such a difficult and tragic circumstance. I loved your episodes with her, Lori! What an honor it must have been for you to have that quality time with her and her husband! You were obviously a blessing to her as well as your rapport was obvious on the set.

  14. I cannot imagine that there is a sewer out there that hasn’t watched Nancy and been inspired!!! I watched her faithfully for years and when I couldn’t the vcr was invented and the only thing I ever taped was Sewing with Nancy. I have learned so much from her and her guests. It is hard to grow old and realize that other people (since I retired) would want to retire too – I pray she and her husband have a wonderful second chapter. I finally can sew all day long.

  15. Congratulations on your work with Nancy this year! Nancy has been many things to me over many years. Just a few of those influences are mentor, encourager, teacher and cyber friend. Another of her most appreciated qualities is the demonstration of acceptance of “less than” perfection otherwise known as acceptance of self and others as we are. What a wonderful gift! Thank you Lori for showing us that way of life as well!

  16. Absolutely, Nancy has inspired me on so many levels! One of my early quilts, a Bargello, was made because of my watching her program. Nancy is a talented seamstress/sewist/designer, a great teacher, an admired entrepreneur, and, on the few times I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with her, a kind, warm, gracious woman. Thanks, Nancy, for giving so much to the world of seeing and quilting!!

  17. Does everyone realize that Nancy has retired and has sent a touching letter on her blog that she has terminal cancer. The Quilt Show has talked about it and even posted Nancy’s letter. I agree with all that she has been a true inspiration to all of us who sew, and keep her in your prayers and good thoughts.

  18. Thanks Lori for your post about Nancy. I have learned so very much from the Lady that has come into my home on a weekly basis for more than half my life. She feels like a dear old friend. Someone I would love to have a sewing jam session with. As so may have said. she truly is a Lady. Just the small things I have learned from her have made my sewing abilities better, neater and quicker. I have felt as though I had someone to sew with for so many years.
    I also enjoyed your segments. It is so nice to put a face to a blog I have been reading for years. I am still plugging along on my doodling and trying to get the hang of my fmqing.

  19. Dear Lori, Your episodes are showing now here in Mississippi. Sewing with Nancy gave me the skills I enjoy using today. It breaks my heart to know what she and her family are going through. Our family had better results –but so did they, for a while.

  20. Have watched Nancy for years and have a lot of her books and she taught me so much. Loved both videos and Nancy has such a warm personality. Lori you did great on the videos and know you were so excited to be on her show. What an absolute treat!! Have your books and am doing some of the designs on a quilt right now. I’ve used that boat design a lot and even though it looks difficult with your step by step it made it so much easier. Thank you!!

  21. Oh my gosh, yes, Nancy has inspired me for years! She is an amazing woman. She really took the fear factor out of sewing for me. I grew up in a family of not even one sewer! So people like Nancy were invaluable to me. I now focus on quilts and have learned so much from that lady.
    I feel terrible about her health issues.

  22. We went out to eat for supper, last night, after unloading 14 vintage sewing machines (I’d had a weekend demo) and I had on a sewing themed shirt, and a man at one of the tables stopped me, and asked if I’d watched Nancy’s show. He’d seen some episodes, but, didn’t know about her current health status. I learned chain piecing from one of her shows, way back in 2001-02, when I was first learning how to quilt.

  23. When I was home with my small children in the mid 80s, I taped Nancy’s show so I wouldn’t miss anything. I remember taking notes on many shows so I could try the techniques later. After many years away, I’m back to garment sewing, and I’d love to see some of those old episodes again!

  24. Oh, my goodness, yes — Nancy was the best thing on TV back in the 70’s, when I was raising 2 boys. Sewing clothes, home décor (we were on a shoestring, military budget w/ a lot of moves), then I watched her making quilts (but didn’t get the bug until retiring about 15 yrs ago), then later demonstrating machine embroidery & other wonderful machines/gadgets. Now I do machine embroidery, quilts, knit & some arts & crafts. We lost Nancy’s TV shows on PBS many years ago and I was heartbroken to hear of most recent diagnosis, but she will live forever thru her recordings. How lovely, Lori, that you got the chance to do a taping with her!!

  25. I’ve watched Sewing With Nancy for years. Because Nancy used a Pfaff, I wanted a Pfaff sewing Machine. I’m on my second Pfaff, I’ve had them both for years and LOVE them!!!!!!!

  26. I started watching her in the 90’s. I bought my first sewing machine based on the one she used back then a Pfaff. Still my favorite machine today. She has inspired me in my sewing efforts and then into quilting. She has is an amazing, kind lady,

  27. Like many others, I’ve faithfully watched and learned from Nancy since her debut on TV. I was overjoyed when PBS started airing her shows and recorded them-still have the tapes-can’t bear to dispose of the. But even before that, I ordered notions from her one page leaflet that she mimeographed and mailed out! Now, I have CDs, DVDs, books, you name it. We all wish the best as she spends time with her loved ones in her retirement. Certainly, our prayers are with them all. Such grace and beauty Nancy displays in all she does. We wish all good things for you as well, Lori. May your journey be blessed.

  28. Love love love! Nancy! I think we all do. It was really heart breaking when I read the news of her sickness and retirement. God bless Nancy ♡ I bet it was really nice to meet and work with her. Nancy will really be missed.

  29. Lori… I’m SO EXCITED. This Sat, 9/30 at 11 AM I will be in front of the TV watching YOU and Nancy. It just doesn’t get any better than that 🙂 I envy you, what FUN you must have had with Nancy. My heart breaks for our dear Nancy, she is in my prayers and I wish her all the best.

  30. I watched both parts of the series..I’m making my grand daughter her first quilt, and it inspired me to try free motion sewing…lets hope the results come out a fraction of how beautiful your quilts do !!!

  31. Sewing With Nancy (sigh) … I watched every episode I could. And then video recording came along and I taped gobs of episodes. And then DVR recording came along and I have 50+ episodes recorded. So now I dread changing signal providers because I’ll lose all those episodes! It seems there is always a little hint or a major learning can be picked up while watching a second or third time. We will miss her so and are saddened to learn of her reasons for retirement. I had just received her book (autographed) shortly before I read of her announcement here on your blog, Lori. What treasured memories you will have of your time with her. Blessings to you both.

  32. These were so fun to watch! Lori, I could watch you free motion quilt all day! I recently did a couple of your motifs from your book on a baby quilt. Such fun! I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy a few years ago while volunteering at Quilt Expo in Madison. I couldn’t believe that she took the time to stop and talk to little ole me. What a kind lady.

  33. I just finished watching your two shows with Nancy Zieman…wow!!! Great job by both of you…I also love to watch you stitch and hear the hum of the machine! What a super lady Nancy is. For so many years I have watched her shows and she is a true celebrity to me also. She will be missed by many!

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