11 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Marchais was indeed a master of light and shade. The light on the girl’s forehead, throat and raised hand, her clothing, on the front leg of the sewing table, the corbels of the mantelpiece, the vase … all consistent with the direction of his light source. Beautifully rendered. And doesn’t she have a sweet face. You can imagine the tinkle of her bracelets as the kitty tugs on the ball of thread. Overall a lovely painting for a Saturday. Thanks Lori.

  2. OK, I’ll bite! The pose of her right hand is so curious to me! Looks like she is removing yarn from the object. Did a few stitches not turn out as she wanted? The fabric rendering is superb in my view..

  3. Beautiful picture , for sure. But when you take a closer look some things just don’t jive. I agree the right hand appears to be removing stitches not sewing them. The colours are vibrate, yes she has a sweet face.
    Then when you let your imagination go, possible ready to go somewhere early.
    So she takes some time to fix a mistake, while she day dreams about her up coming date or shopping spree. Maybe she is going somewhere exotic. Lol …. How amazing!

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