Sailing Away!

Sailboat Block, QuiltAhoy, Quilters!

Next week I am traveling (though not by boat) to Denver to film a third Craftsy video!

I am very excited about this video because the emphasis is on using the quilt motifs in a variety of quilts.   I don’t want to give too much away…but the whole idea is to jumpstart your UFOs and turn them into useable quilts. We offer a variety of approaches to quilting a large selection of quilts.


While my blogging has been very inconsistent lately, I am not lost at sea…

We have spent hours writing a comprehensive script (and the tweaking continues!) and I have been working feverishly to create dozens of samples.  I hope (and expect) the results will speak for themselves!

Sailboat Block, QuiltI will have to follow the winds for the next two weeks and post when I can…please be patient!

I hope it will be smooth sailing!

What about YOU?  Are YOU working on any big projects?  How many UFOs do YOU currently have?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Yo Ho Ho!


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26 thoughts on “Sailing Away!

  1. That’s wonderful, Lori! I’ll look forward to your next class. I have two ufo’s to quilt and more to piece. So many quilts, so little time…

  2. I’m so excited about your new video – I have watched the others over and over – your stamp is on all my quilts! I still have about a half dozen UFOs – but with your help they are slowly taking shape.

  3. A new video that’s exciting news, congratulations to you and hoorah for us!
    I have several UFQ’s just waiting to be quilted. I used to quilt by hand, and now I’m learning to use the sewing machine to quilt. I’ve tried several of your designs on practice sandwiches but haven’t the courage to attempt a full quilt as yet ( it’s a combo of a tiny hole/harp of the machine and my MS, RA, and double vision) but I refuse to give up! Thank you for your blog, books and videos. Really enjoyed the session with Sewing with Nancy.

  4. Good to know what you’ve been up to and wish you well in the process. I’m looking forward to seeing your new class too!

    As for me, I’ve been at sea too, no time to sew at all for a month due to a teaching schedule. Another few weeks and I’ll be able to immerse myself in the many UFOs I’ve got waiting for me patiently. Best of luck.

  5. I have been working on completing quilt tops over the last few months. Now have about 12 quilt tops with 5 needing borders. Then I can concentrate on the quilting of these quilts, and hopefully I will have improved my machine quilting by the end of the process. Thank you for posting for us. Your efforts are inspiring.

  6. My goal for the next couple of weeks is finish a few UFO before I start anything new. Love watching your Craftsy Classes when working, so inspirational. Dont worry about us, we are loyal and will wait for you to slow down and post.

  7. So happy for you Lori! I spent my summer making quilt tops or finishing UFO’s so that my winter can be warm and cozy quilting away on my projects. I am currently quilting a Christmas star quilt for a friend and have used several of your motifs. You inspire me.

  8. One of my UFOs is the table runner you gave us this summer! Oh, the shame!

    Good to hear about the new Craftsy class. Any idea when it will be available?
    Loved your segments on Sewing with Nancy. I feel like you are both old friends, even though we have never met.

    Will you have a chance to continue the flower of the month? August baby here!

    With all your commitments, don’t forget to hug those babies every chance you get!

  9. Oooo….are you working on new quilt motifs? Lucky us😁
    At the present moment I have six quilt tops to quilt and more UFQ’s waiting to
    Be finished to the quilt top stage.

  10. Great news! And glad you’ve been laying low for a wonderful cause!
    Looking forward to hearing more about your new class!

  11. Ahoy yourself, Lori. What a cute little sailboat. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your new video. My “required” quilts are finished, so I can now go back to my donation quilts, which I do in my own sweet time and try different quilting motifs on. I have about 8 quilt tops ready for quilting, and I’m planning to use some of your motifs, like the dragonfly. He’s so cute. I’ll have to work fast though, as I got notice yesterday my long-awaited hip surgery is now scheduled for Halloween … Hope I don’t get a werewolf for a surgeon 👹 The surgeon did say that as soon as I can sit comfortably I can get back to quilting … he said he’d never been asked before how soon a patient could start quilting again. I’m planning to put some projects in bags so I can start as soon as possible … “PIGS” I saw them called in another blog … Projects In Grocery Sacks. Love it.
    BTW, I love your idea of grid basting, to keep everything still while free-motioning … brilliant. I’ve done it once, and I’m adopting it for sure. I basted on my machine using the longest stitch and thin thread, and it was a breeze to pull out when finished. Thanks for that fab tip.
    I’m always happy to see your name in my mailbox, whenever you have time. No rush … enjoy the ride!

  12. Congrats on Craftsy 3! And your patience is well rewarded in this case. I have just begun piecing Christopher Florence’s Labyrinth Walk. I have had the fabric for well over a year. I sure am enjoying it!

  13. Hi Lori,
    Congratulations on being invited back a third time as a Craftsy tutor. Though not unsurprising given the quality of your presentations and your work. But hey: I can be patient I just received a copy of your book. It is soooooo good, I have lots of motifs to practice on and when your new class is available I just might be able to follow along with a bit less angst! Congratulations on the arrival on your newest grandson too. This is the grandest time of our lives. Plenty to do, family to love and time for the creativity to blossom. Enjoy.

  14. I am thrilled to hear you are making another Craftsy class! I can hardly wait! I love your classes and your book. I have been working on finishing 2 quilts that I am entering into my local guild’s show. I have been quilting off & on for over 20 years and this will be my first time entering! Not as exciting as a 3rd Craftsy class, but I am excited for all of us!

  15. I have way too May UFOs. I made a list. It is two pages long. But I included things that are not true UFOs, like kits that I haven’t started.

    I work on different things every day. Right now it’s two 24″ x 24″ throw pillows for my bed from the leftover fabric from a quilt that IS finished.

    Best of luck with your Craftsy project. I miss your blog, but completely understand.

  16. Lots of teachers to pick from but I pick you for my machine quilting. Congrats on the new class. It will be next on my list! Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. Congratulations!! I cannot wait to sign up. I love your craftsy classes. It was great to hear you on the webinar, and see you twice with Sewing with Nancy. Even though I haven’t met either of you, I felt like my old friends had finally met. I love you both.

  18. Oh and last but not least, I was so excited to receive your book! It is so well written, and the photos are beautiful, and bright. Like your blog, they are easy to follow. I love the spiral binding.
    It just makes me so happy! Your personal touch makes it even sweeter.
    And additionally congratulations on your new grandson! I’ve found that “Grandma” is the most beautiful word in the English language.

  19. Lori, this is Linda from last year’s JC FOlk School class. We live in Denver and you are more than welcome to stay with us, although I’m sure Craftsy is putting you up somewhere. Any chance I can get in to see you?

  20. Another class! How wonderful! You share so much with us and I for one truly appreciate the benefit of your expertise. Thank you for all you do.
    About UFQ’s – H-h-h-h-m-m-m……Let me think. There’s the lap quilt top I made to sell on Etsy that’s still waiting for batting and backing. Then the t-shirt quilt I started for my daughter and the denim/plaid shirt quilt for my husband that I started months ago!
    Oops! wait – there’s more: the baby quilt that needs FMQ and binding before it goes to my church for the next little one to be baptized (have to get cracking on that!). Oh yes, there’s also the autumn wall hanging I’m finishing up right now to give as a surprise to my lovely neighbor. I almost forgot! There’s a blue/green/turquoise/aqua and white quilt I’m making for myself, but that will stay at the bottom of the list for a while. SIGH! So many quilts; so little time!

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