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Good Morning, Quilters!

We have lots of FREE quilting today!


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Win! Win! Win! a fat quarter bundle of this gorgeous fabric by Sarah J. Maxwell!

It is time for our September “I Love Home” Block of the Month giveaway–and time to start quilting Block 2.


Pop over to Jacquelynne Steve’s Art of Home to download the pattern.

For my quilt, I changed the color way so I can add the house pattern in free motion quilting.

Jacquelynne Steeves, I Love Home, Block One



The best time to begin planning the machine quilting is while you are piecing the blocks.  I like to draw the shapes to be quilted onto a note pad and doodle quilt ideas while I’m watching TV.

It’s a great way to try out ideas before stitching.


I recommend you draw the basic house and then look at different motifs to decorate. (HINT:  There are a wide variety of motifs available in Free Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3:  Easy Loops, Scallops, Hearts, Tulips, Dizzy Daisy, The Basic House, Trees…. Get a signed copy (along with a little surprise) from my Etsy shop HERESLEEP ON IT

It is best to doodle on several different days.  The first design is rarely the best design and by working over several sessions, you allow your subconscious to work on it as well!


To win the fabric bundle,please leave a comment.  Tell me…Do YOU doodle before you machine quilt?  Has YOUR subconscious ever solved a problem or helped you with a design?  Do you do your own quilting?  Or just say “Hi!”

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See more about Block Two and earn more chances to win by visiting these fabulous quilters:



That is a lot of quilting to keep you busy!

Speaking of busy…I’m off to Madison, Wisconsin for The Quilt Expo!  Please join me for a little machine quilting.  I will be demo-ing (is that a word?)  a variety of machine quilting motifs each day at 11:30.  Hope to see YOU there!


The Happy Home-Doodler,


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314 thoughts on “I Love Home BOM and Fabric Giveaway!

  1. I like to doodle on the blank backside of papers before they get recycled. I’m loving your book and Craftsy classes, Lori…and tnx for the heads up on their Labor Day freebies!

  2. will try doodling for some of my next quilts. Just got a bigger frame to use so will have fun trying these different ideas. thank you

  3. I always have to doodle on paper before I machine quilt as I don’t envision things well in my mind and doodling shows me what I am contemplating in quilting. I can’t draw either so it is good that my machine quilting is better than my doodling but it does work together. Thank you so much as you have been a huge help in my quilting ability.

  4. I’m very new so I have not really done my own quilting. I am practicing on square sandwiches that I make

  5. My favorite part of quilting is picking the fabrics. If it’s a gift, it gives me the chance to make it just for that person. If it’s for me, it becomes part of the memories for that quilt.

  6. Thanks for the tip on doodling. I often find myself in over my head because I didn’t take the time to sit with a design for a while before trying to add it to a project.

  7. Find myself doodling all the time since I started reading your blog. I even doodle on the edges of the church program while listening to my minister.

  8. I usually doodle on graph paper to see if I like the design. Often I will use a colored pencil in the thread color I am considering using to test color as well as design. But I big stitch hand quilt more often than using the machine.

  9. Not a good doodler, but you inspire me to try every once in a while. I would rather spend my time on a sampler and am getting better all the time.

  10. I doodle continuously but had never thought about doing it for quilting. I have made tops for years but am just getting up the nerve to quilt them.

  11. Yes I doodle and truly sketch out what ever quilting I plan on doing. I love your idea of quilting in your homes. No pun either quilting in our homes is so essential to share the love besides the many quilts shared with others.


  12. I put a photo of my block in an app called Notability and then I doodle all over it and try different things until I like it. It is especially handy when my quilt has 12 different blocks. Then as I quilt I can easily refer to them.

  13. I am just starting to do FMQ and the doodles really helps. Love the idea of FMQ the house blocks. This has been a very creative experience seeing all of the various options to make the house patterns!

  14. I do my own quilting, but I don’t doodle much. On the current quilt, I would commonly have ideas just after waking up in the morning, so I guess that was my subconscious at work.

  15. Hi! I have only just begun quilting and I have machine quilted one small piece to date. Nothing fancy, just following the lines of the block pattern. I am looking forward to ‘doodle quilting’ at some point in my quilting future! I love the doodle quilted house block you’ve shown us. Happy to have found your blog.

  16. I do my own quilting and find myself using more and more of your wonderful designs. I also doodle before I quilt them and other designs before quilting to be sure I get the hang of going in the correct direction to make the design come out properly. Thanks so much for all your wonderful tutorials. When someone admires my quilting I always suggest they check out your blog.

  17. I don’t doodle yet, I previous did mostly straight line quilting but recently started watching videos and reading books about free-motion and hope to get to the point where i can doodle well with confidence.

  18. Doodling is a must! I take a picture of my block or quilt top and doodle on it to see which design fits best. Then I take out my large sketchbook and trying doodling to scale. When I’m happy with it, I fold up the paper and the quilt top together and put them away. Maybe someday…..

  19. Oh I doodle!What I don’t do is get brave enough to transfer doodle to quilt. With your cheery approach perhaps I’ll go for it!

  20. I am a doodler but not on my quilts. Love your interpretation of this BOM, free motion quilting the house designs on your blocks. Quite creative!

  21. I have never been much of a doodler, but I find that it does help me “perfect” the design that I am attempting, so I am trying to become a doodler!

  22. I have not learned to do free motion quilting yet. I watched both of your Craftsy classes yesterday and loved the Doodle to Design. I look forward to learning. I have a small machine so it will have to be small projects but loved all the motifs! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  23. So far I’m only successful with a meander for my machine quilting, but know I need to find time to practice other things. I’m having a great time making these blocks.

  24. I love to doodle. I do doodle before machine quilting and have regretted the times I didn’t practice doodle before putting thread to fabric !

  25. I doodle when I am crafting with my granddaughter. But am going to try before I start quilting my next one.

  26. I quilt my own quilts, but I need a lot more practice. I did try doodling once an ddefinitely need to try it more. Thanks for all the wonderful patterns!

  27. I don’t doodle but I probably should! i do a little of my own quilting but mostly i quilt with my checkbook. )

  28. I am just beginning to try machine quilting but I am always doodling when i have a pen in hand. Never thought of combining the two.

  29. I’m super new to fmq, still finding my feet and my doodle fingers! I’m a bit impatient so I’m still training myself to stop and use my pencil before I sew.

  30. Quilted a very small-pillow sham size-doodle quilt over the summer…Lori, I’m sold! Your books are on my Amazon wishlist for Christmas! Thanks for all your hard work!

  31. Experienced quilters all tell me to doodle and so I do and then I realize that patterns stay in mind because I have doodled the heck out of them – win win. I know that my ability to visualise where to go, as I FMQ, is due to hours spent doodling.

  32. I do my own quilting but haven’t learned much fancy stuff. I mostly do simple FMQ, straight lines or pantographs.

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