Back to School Quilting

The Perfect Pencil, free motion quiltingGood Morning, Quilters!

Summer passes all too quickly…

The only consolation–Back to School means two things:  school supplies (I LOVE School Supplies!  and more time to quilt!

Craftsy is hosting a FREE one day, All-you-can-watch,  Back to School event on September 4th.  Learn more HERE   

It’s a great opportunity to try a variety of classes!

American Quilter Magazine

Be sure to check out American Quilter Magazine–The Sweetheart Apple and so much more!

American Quilter Magazine


Add a little “touch of class” to your quilts this month with a Back-to-School motif.

Or just doodle the motif onto your calendar, notebook, homework….

The Perfect Pencil (Dixon Ticonderogas of course!)
The Perfect Pencil, free motion quiltingScissors
Scissors, Free Motion Quilted

A is for Apple

Apple Free Motion Quilt TutorialQuiting the AlphabetAlphabet Free Motion Quilting
The Apple CoreApple Core, FMQ Tutorial, Lori Kennedy


Combine the motifs in rows to create a horizontal composition–an easy way to design a whole cloth quilt–as seen in my Craftsy video, Divide and Conquer:  Creative Free Motion Quilting.

Machine Quilting, Teachers, Motifs, Pencils, Apple, Worm

What about YOU?

Do YOU love school supplies?

Have YOU used any of these motifs on a quilt?  How did YOU use them?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Praying for Texas,


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18 thoughts on “Back to School Quilting

  1. Love the apples and the cores! So cute. I’ve followed your column in American Quilter for a while now – it’s always the first thing I read. It’s great for us new quilters. Just bought your book this week and I am loving it, too. Have a great day!

  2. YES! I love school supplies! It means the smell of fall is in the air (as much as I love summer). I love the smell of a newly sharpened pencil. And paper. Is that crazy??? And I love the apple and apple core motifs. Too cute! Thanks for all you do!

  3. School supply sales and school start remind me of the comment “a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils” from the movie You Got Mail.”

    (I may not have the wording quite correct)

  4. Love school supplies and that new fresh, unused box of crayons! Being one of 9 children it was about the only item I received that wasn’t opened and used!
    Love these motifs and plan to practice them so I can use them on my grand daughters big bed quilt, when she gets her big bed!
    Thanks Lori.

  5. I used your scissors, spools of thread and sewing machine to make a mat under one of my machines. It looks absolutely fabulous and I love it. Would never of thought of the scissors or sewing machine on my own.

  6. Glad to hear that I’m not the only who loves pencils, paper and that fresh box of crayons! I love all things fall especially pumpkins and apples!

  7. Each year late in August. I would go with my grandsons (now grown) to the local Staples to get their school supplies. That continued through college. Now I really miss those trips. I still shop for my wonderful supplies. I think those stores rate just a little bit behind quilt shops. Love the school motifs. Thanks.

  8. Thank you for your “praying for Texas” comment, Lori. Many people in Texas have had destruction beyond belief. But Texans are strong and will rebuild. Neighbors are doing extraordinary jobs of helping neighbors. It is wonderful to see people pulling together to help each other. People from other states are pouring in also to help with rescues, tearing down and rebuilding. How great America is! We are so blessed to live in this nation of givers! God Bless America and its wonderful melting-pot of people!

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