14 thoughts on “Fine Art Saturday

  1. How I looked forward every week for the Saturday Evening Post and Norman Rockwell’s newest picture.

  2. Yesterday you said you were off today on a bittersweet jaunt and today we see this Norman Rockwell. Who didn’t like his paintings!? He captures so much emotion. Does this mean someone is moving out? If so, I wish everyone all the best as they adjust to a new reality.

  3. I enjoyed this Norman Rockwell painting. I don’t always look at the “read more” but I am so glad I did. I felt all those emotions that were described but the story made me separate them in my mind and look deeper.
    Aileen in FL

  4. The picture tells such a poignant “story” without any words! Makes me hope that the young fellow will return home after he attends some college! Lois

  5. Ahhhhh, Norman Rockwell. He really was the master of detail. The boy looks soooo young, and green. Don’t you love the matching tie and socks?! And the dog looks so sad. He knows … from now everything changes.

  6. I’ve always been a fan of Norman Rockwell. I just realized I was only 7 days old when this painting was published. LOL!!

  7. You can feel the love between Father and son, even their anxiousness as they will soon part ways.
    What a great artist and storyteller.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Lois Borton

  8. Ah…In 1972, when I had dreams of being an artist (before children!), I wrote a letter to Norman Rockwell, hoping for words of encouragement from the great artist and illustrator. He graciously wrote back! I have his letter framed and hanging in my home near a framed, signed print of his painting of Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas. It was so nice to see his work posted today on Fine Art Saturday. Thank you, Lori!

      • Yes, and I am also lucky to have found theinboxjaunt. You inspire and encourage me as a beginning quilter (and at my age, too!). I am guessing that your family has some exciting adventures happening this fall. Best of luck to all!

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