8 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Such lovely work. Great definition of the ruffles on her skirt. Those look like grapevines in the distance … after all, it IS Italy.
    Such a sad tale of a dissillusioned painter at the end of his life.

  2. Do you ever make a pictorial art quilt of the sewing themed paintings? My first art quilt was after a pen and ink sketch. It was fun.

  3. A beautiful piece of art work. Yesterday I was hand-stitching a binding. I should have found a spot in the shade near my garden where I could do my sewing…like the woman in the painting, minus the ruffled gown!

  4. I love the colours!! People lived much more outdoors in times past. We could learn something from them. As Margaret mentioned above she should have found a spot in the yard to do her sewing. I am currently stitching a black binding on a black back. I have put a large sheet under my chair outside and taken the quilt outdoors. It’s much easier to see in natural light. Unfortunately I rarely make use of that opportunity….
    Thanks again, btw, for always having a painting for us. It’s so much fun to check them out and to pay attention to the colours in them.

  5. My favourite sewing pictures old masters I mean. Is Vermeer, the one that comes to mind is the Lacemaker. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Methinks Fattori produced a large body of work in his lifetime. I knew a fellow artist gentleman 25 years ago in west FL. His first wife and son died in a car wreck. His second wife and second son died in a car wreck. When I knew him he was married to his 3rd wife and their son was in law school. Tragic things do happen, sad to say. i bet Fattori would have a lot to say about today’s politics and current art world.The bottom right side of this painting above looks to be rather close to an effort at Impressionism.
    I wonder whether it was on purpose. And I agree with Maureen – the ruffles and fabric on her dress are very lovely. Relaxing after all his war paintings..

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