Flower of the Month-Larkspur Machine Quilting Tutorial

Good Morning, Quilters!

Can you believe it is August?!!  Time flies and summer flies faster!

Today, we are stitching the JULY flower of the month *sigh*…

If YOUR birthday was in July, Happy Birthday!

Larkspur and Water Lilies are YOUR birth flower.

(I spent most of the month working on a Water Lily. Unfortunately when in was quilted, it looked more like Pac-Man than a flower, but I’ll keep trying)

Larkspur represents strong bonds of love and a happy nature!


This motif can be stitched quite large and will fill a quilt very quickly.  Use it as an All-over motif to cover an entire quilt (in lieu of stippling) or as a background motif to fill individual blocks.

Begin by stitching a sideways “V”.

Add a wide “V” Add a sideways “v” Complete the X with an upside down V.

Now you are ready to stitch the shape of the flower.  Stitch several shallow scallops around the X.Echostitch the flower 2-3 times.

Add another X anywhere along the echo stitching.Larkspur, FMQ, Lori Kennedy

To create the next flower shape, echo the line of the previous flower–this will make the flowers look clustered and over-lapping.Continue adding Xs, flowers and echostitching….


Especially if you DOODLE FIRST!

Larkspur, FMQ, Lori KennedyAs I look at it now, it reminds me of a cotton boll too!

Hmmm….wonder if that is the flower for August or September–maybe I could say I’m ahead of schedule!

Happy as a Lark,


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9 thoughts on “Flower of the Month-Larkspur Machine Quilting Tutorial

  1. last week I finished a quilt for my granddaughter and added a border of your spiral flowers, then your trees and grass, it turned out very sweet and she loved it. This larkspur will be a nice addition to my next project. Thanks Lori!

  2. I like this one! It would be beautiful used in place of feathers. I will certainly doodle this one.

  3. LOL… I thought cotton boll when I first saw the scallops photo! Love it.. as larks’ or ‘bolls! Down here in south GA the crepe myrtles are filled with blooms. (wanna see pac-man…!! did you rip him out? 🙂 )

  4. I really enjoy your doodles. I get wonderful ideas from you for my long arm quilting and I have a table topper I need to do today and I’m going to play with today’s doodle. Thank you so much. just me jan

  5. Wow! Beautiful work. And here I was out riding a bike all summer…can’t wait to get back to try this technique.

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