Spring Quilt-a-Long–All in ONE Place!

Machine Quilting, HST and Border Sampler, Lori KennedyGood Morning, Quilters!

My sampler is complete!  Is YOURS?

I hope you will make this little quilt.  It was designed to help you walk through all the steps  you would go through if you were making a full size quilt–piecing, layering, stabilizing, design, and quilt.

We also learned how to stitch four different half square triangle motifs as well as three border motifs.
Machine Quilting, HST and Border Sampler, Lori Kennedy


Lesson One:  A New Quilt-a-Long

Lesson Two:  Stitching The Half Square Triangles

Lesson Three:  Creating HST with Triangles on a Roll

Lesson Four:  Piecing the Top

Lesson Five:  Borders and Layering

Lesson Six:  Stabilizing


Lesson Seven:  HST-Basic Stitching of Half Square Triangles

Lesson Eight:  HST-X marks the Spot

Lesson Nine: Half Square Flowers

Lesson Ten: Half Square Suns

Lesson Eleven:  Fabulous Flower Borders

Lesson Twelve:  Double Loop Vine Borders

Lesson Thirteen :  Tulip Borders

Machine Quilting, HST and Border Sampler, Lori KennedyIf you wanted to make a larger quilt– scale everything larger–make the rows six inches wide and much longer…

The process is the same, just larger.

The motifs are the same, just larger.


I hope this was a helpful quilt-a-long….

I have another one in the sketchbook!

What did YOU learn?  What was helpful?  What could we a little different next time?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Happy Stitching,


PS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use.  Feel free to re-blog, pin or share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at lckennedy@hotmail.com.  Thanks!

PPS…For step by step photos of all of these motifs and many more…see Free Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3.  Signed copies available at my Etsy shop HERE.

Machine Quilting 1-2-3, Lori Kennedy








22 thoughts on “Spring Quilt-a-Long–All in ONE Place!

  1. Lori, I just love your minute motifs! I am new to fmq and absolutely, can’t draw (flunked art in grammar school). But your designs make it fun and easy to follow. Thanks for simplifying what for me is the most difficult part of quilting.

  2. See helpful: This is my first FMQ, and your step-by-step method with visuals is wonderful to keep me trying something new. I’m not done due to a 10-day vacation with family overseas but will complete by Summer’s end.

  3. These lessons are great and I’ve begun to use some of the designs on my backlog of quilt tops! Hope you will do a fall quilt along. Your guidance is sew appreciated.

  4. Your lessons here have made me very productive with the quilts I’ve been working on to finally complete. However, your book goes far beyond and is truely beneficial for my use. I would highly recommend that Quilter’s have this book in hand, it is one of my favorites in my quilt library. Thank you for both!

  5. Lori, thank you so much for this learning opportunity! I have found that I learn better in the structured environment of a class, other than relying on myself to learning a new technique on my own, as I’m too easily distracted and tend to wait until “I get around to it.” I was keeping up with the Quilt Along until we got to the first triangle motif (echoed seams) – although I doodled and practiced first, I was unhappy with the results which were obvious with my choice of a 40-weight thread with too much contrast. So I ripped it out and tried again with a lighter color 50-weight. Still not good enough, so I wanted to rip it out again. Then life got in the way, so I’ve fallen behind. But I’m bound and determined to finish this project because I have a throw with sawtooth sashing waiting to be quilted, and I need to master these FMQ motifs!! It has 8″ blocks with a low-volume print to be quilted with one of your flower motifs. Will doodle first!

    I follow your blog religiously and am grateful for your generous instruction and encouragement. I will be a better quilter, thanks to you!!

    Hugs! Happy quilting to all!

  6. I have finished my little table topper. While I have been making quilts for a long time, the free motion quilting is what I am trying to master. I find that when I look at it, it is not perfect so I must learn to accept that. I did not redo much of it. Just kept working. Overall, I like the way it turned out. Love your blog and have learned much. I also have your book.

  7. I am not done but the blog is very helpful to prompt me to finish it – especially when I see how lovely your finished quilt is! I liked seeing and trying the different quilting motifs that can be applied to a HST – which is so common in all of the quilt patterns. Your time and efforts to promote FMQ and encourage all of us are appreciated very much – thank you!

  8. Stabilizing was a big new step for and me the ESS method is not only a new acronym but a new technique for me. Trying it on a quilt I’m working on right now. Will let you know how it works out.

  9. I had half-squares already on a top but a little larger so I followed along with the designs which were so helpful and it’s finished!!

  10. I am binding mine and then it will be finished. I loved doing this. I found some of the motifs to be easy and some to be more difficult. The Fabulous Flower was a real challenge, but after a lot of doodling, and I mean a lot, I was finally satisfied with it. In fact, I now like it so much that I plan to use it a often Thanks, Lori, for all you teach us.

  11. I am going to give it a try during my holiday. With your lessons, your book and this program, I am confident ! Thank you so much for all you share.

  12. I just have my binding to finish! It was so much fun and helpful learning all the new technique- I especially liked the flowers. I have become much more adept at freemotion quilting thanks to your tutorials!!!!

  13. Thank you so much for all your lesons. I haven’t started yet, but I’m planing to make it during sommer. Yours looks amazing!
    Hugs from Slovenia 🙂

  14. Lori,
    Please link this page from one of the items in your top-bar, perhaps under Quilt-a-longs. Otherwise I will loose it. Thanks.

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