10 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. I love old stuff. Here in Loudoun County (40 miles west of the cesspool known as Washington DC) they are mowing down too many barns and memories, to put in “the silver line” metro.
    In the winter spring and fall, I try to get out and take photos before they are gone.
    I am not happy that metro is spreading its tentacles out here.
    This barn has a story.

  2. On the Canadian Prairie, and I suppose it’s also true of the U.S. Prairie, that the grain elevators, the Goliaths of the Prairies, are vanishing due to neglect and dereliction. So sad to see. It’s nice, Lori, to see at least one old barn still hanging in.

  3. Lots of old, once-beautiful barns around where I am living. Too many of them neglected and unwanted anymore and roofs caving in on the weathered old barns and bricks falling out and down from the silos, window panes broken and falling out. So sad to see.

  4. You ALWAYS take the most beautiful, artistic, unique photos! You should be getting paid for those also – do you?

  5. It’s beautiful. We have travelled the U.S.A and Canada many times and love to see the old barns, many of them standing empty. Do you not have a Heritage Society over there?. We have the English National Heritage Society which protects old buildings from being demolished if they are of significant importance. Many of our old barns have now been converted for residential use giving them new life.
    Love your web site Lorrie. Always something of beauty to look at.

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