26 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July!

  1. A blessing to see your family. Long may you grow ! And long may our flag wave! Thank you Lord for our country’s birthday once more.

  2. Happy Fourth of July. Thank you to all who serve or have family members that serve. I currently have a Marine grandson and another signing up for the Navy. I have a son that was Army and was in Kuwait at the start of the Iraq war. He is out now and home safe. If not for our brave, we wouldn’t have this day. Bless them.

    • Amen and thank you from my heart, Nephew home safe and now retired. We have some close friends and neighbors who paid with their blood. Freedom is not free as the saying goes…

  3. What a wonderful family photo! I see your beautiful smile on a lot of those faces!
    Have a happy Fourth of July!

  4. All those beautiful young people. You certainly are a “picture perfect family”. Happy Independence Day to all of you. No doubt a parade is in your plans for today?

    And thanks for the Happy Canada Day reminder. BTW, “The Giant Quilt Bee” in Toronto went swimmingly. You might remember I mentioned a while back that the CQA were hoping to make 1,000 quilts for the Ronald McDonald houses across the country? Well, as they say “you don’t need to ask Quilters twice to step up to such an occasion … if anything you have to ask them to step BACK”. The final tally was 2,614 quilts. Amazing involvement from across Canada, and I was totally jazzed to be in the thick of it. That’s the scoop.

  5. I had a dear friend who served in WWII, he died last month at the age of 90. He always corrected everyone who wished him a happy 4th of July. So, in memory of Robert Wood (Woody) I hope everyone has a Happy Independence Day!!!!!

  6. What a beautiful family, Lori! Looks like there will be a new addition this year. Yea for grand babies!!

  7. Lori, I love your family and the photo is priceless! Hope your 4th was happy. I love learning from people on the blog – in the future, I will always refer to the holiday as “Independence Day” – thank you to Robbie and her friend that served – and heartfelt thanks to all the men and women who have given so very much!

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