5 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Ok,, more commentary since I viewed the Gallery. Anyone notice that almost all of his paintings shown there have a splash of red someplace? Maybe he saw the Schindler movie? I am also intrigued with the one named Conversation in Devon Hotel… LOL… doesn;t look like much conversing is going on…and the furniture is different,,is it 2 chairs or a corner sofa or what? He has his arm on corner of cushion she is leaning back against… My favorite is Summer Bouquet first and second is our featured painting today. She has her supplies all around and he painted those too. Love her
    concentration. I need more of that.. : )

  2. Picked up 2 of your classes yesterday. Very happy I did. I love your new book. I on vacation this summer but have your book and paper and pen , plan to doodle Quilt till it get home to my machine.

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