June Birthday Flower of the Month-The Rose


Rose, Clemens Garden, St. CloudGood Morning, Quilters!

If your birthday was in June–Happy Birthday!

Roses are YOUR birth flower.

Roses mean love, honor, faith, confidence…depending on the color and have been grown for more than 5000 years!


Roses were my grandmother’s favorite flower–one half her yard was dedicated to formal roses,  but until recently, I was too intimidated to plant roses in my garden.  They seemed so fussy-special feedings, pruning…aphids!

Then I watched Paul Zimmerman’s Craftsy Class:  The Gardener’s Guide to Growing Roses.  It’s a very practical guide that takes the mystery out of growing roses, discusses the history of roses and helps you choose roses to suit your gardening personality-from low maintenance shrubs to more formal tea roses.   I now have more than a dozen roses (all low-maintenance) in my garden and I love them!


It’s the perfect time to pick up a gardening class–or one of a machine quilting class!

Craftsy Sale

May I recommend:

Craftsy Title CardDoodle to Design, Craftsy, Lori Kennedy


We have stitched two different rose motifs:

Nora’s Rose Machine Quilt Tutorial HERENora's Rose Free Motion Quilting thread samples

Rose quilt, Aurifil thread

And the messy spiral, Christmas Rose HERE

Christmas Rose, FMQ, Kennedy


Our friend, Peggy created a Rose paper pattern HERE

Rose: Paper Piecing Pattern

The Rose-Pattern by Peggy Aare

May your quilts and your gardens be filled with roses!


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17 thoughts on “June Birthday Flower of the Month-The Rose

  1. It’s been one year since I began machine quilting with your doodling and free machine quilting lessons on internet. One year of joy and pleasure. You know how to share enthousiasm and confidence. Your rose is beautiful and theinboxjaunt site too, as well as your lessons. I wish you a wonderful Summer and so many gorgeous roses.

  2. Do you know the name of that rose? It looks a bit like a Joseph’s Coat, but I don’t think it is. Roses are beautiful, and a joy when they’re growing well. My Dolly Parton rose died over our hot dry summer and harsh winter this past year, it was a wonderful big blowsy red rose, just like Dolly. I might try to find a replacement.

  3. Your Rose photo is so exquisite… focus perfect ! Love it.. no need to eat lunch today as I feel I have been fed ! 🙂 There were roses here when we bought the place.. 4 kinds. All have done well being ignored… paying for that now.. The running climbing on the fence fluffy multiple bloom pink rose is in trouble…loss of most leaves and only about 20 blooms instead of few hundred. Sigh, I must walk out of the sewing room and go outside and investigate, then seek solution. In the pink fabric with scissors photo above, I really love the scallops around and the contrast of the backNforth stitching beside them.

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Lori. My birthday was last week and I have always wanted to both draw and quilt a rose. You are so inspiring.

  5. What a wonderful gift you and Peggy have shared with us! Not only a gorgeous rose, but tipped, I also see a perfect iceberg design with some tiny modifications – Thanks for the ‘two-fer’! Your Nora’s rose has become one of my ‘go to’ faves. I never would have attempted it before you!

  6. I just love seeing all the different FMQ motifs that you have used. I REALLY like the pink Nora’s Rose in this blog post. Can you tell me what kind of batting and thread you used for this? Also, I read the tutorial about it and wondered if you could show in more detail what you meant by the trailing line. Do you have a video tutorial for this one? THIS IS GORGEOUS!

    • A trailing line–is just a straight–but not too straight–line about one inch long to begin the next rose. I used Warm and Natural Cotton batting and either 28 wt Aurifil cotton or 40 wt Sulky Rayon.

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