Titanium Needles Revisited

Sewing Machine NeedlesGood Morning, Quilters!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my reluctance to try titanium needles. (Read more HERE)

I was afraid that this “superhero” metal–“forged in the depths of supernovas”(from Facts about Titanium HERE)

was just too strong…and might cause damage to my machine (or finger) if I made a mistake….

However, YOU all told me—YOU love titanium needles!!!

I decided to talk to Bob…

Of course, YOU all know Bob–from Superior Threads

He set me straight on titanium needles!

Bob, Superior Threads

First of all, they are titanium coated–the tip has a very light coat of titanium sprayed on…

(When you think about it…titanium needles would be too expensive to produce!)

The titanium coating keeps the needle sharper far longer than standard needles–as much as five times longer!

Because the needles are only slightly more expensive…seems like a very good deal!

Sewing Machine NeedlesI picked up my favorite–Topstitch needles.  I like the #90 for the 40 and 28 wt threads I frequently use, as well as an assortment pack of Topstitch needles for other weights of thread.

Sewing Machine NeedlesI am always excited to try new things!

Thank YOU for helping me set the record straight!

Be sure to check out Superior’s website.  The Educational Articles HERE are truly superior and I love many of their threads–like Magnifico, MicroQuilter, King Tut….

Happy not-so-straight stitching!


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30 thoughts on “Titanium Needles Revisited

  1. Thank you and Mr. Bob for teaching some of us something we didn’t know. Definitely will try them now. So, it is not like our son’s titanium racing bicycle, after all. I could see his bicycle being splintered up into needles…LOL

  2. Hi Lori, Enjoy your new needles! 🙂 I use these exclusively for about 6 years now and I truly do get many more “miles” out of each needle. (Your mileage may vary. :)))

  3. I am glad that your research proved to be positive. I have an Innova Sitdown Longarm and I am sure I quilted at least 40 quilts with the same titanium needle. The only reason I changed the needle was because it was only logical after that many quilts! I didn’t notice any difference when I changed to the new needle. Thanks for doing the extra work on this,

  4. Superior Threads has a wonderful free DVD available for just a small shipping charge. It’s packed full of great information about threads and needles too. Be sure to order this and watch it. It’s great to watch it over again as most of us forget all the good bits of valuable information it offers. Thanks for setting us straight on these needles and you’ll see Bob talking about them in this video too.

    • I am so glad you noticed!!! It is a huge needle I bought for teaching–but mostly because it is so photogenic! LOL

      • What every girl dreams of being : photogenic !! LOL. I really did laugh out loud.Thanks Lady Lori !! Such a joy to read you!

  5. Lori, I’m so happy you found your way to Titanium needles. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I especially love them on pieces where I’ve applied paint. I used the #60 on those pieces. I love them because they are strong and leave a tiny hole when piercing the painted. I was really questioning if my love for them could create problems for my much loved machine. Now I can sew with confidence again. Hugs to you.

  6. Welcome to the club! You will truly never go back! As for that finger…. even regular needles will do that, given the right circumstances! I am happy to hear that you put that behind you and have moved forward! I have been in love with my titanium needles since they came out and encourage everyone that has needle issues to try them out. When you think about the cost, it’s actually less in the long run. Thank you for revisiting the idea!🙂

    • I have been using Superior’s titanium needles for years and I love them! Once I forgot to switch my single hole throat plate to a regular one when I wanted to zigzag–big mistake! But my titanium needle just bent, instead of breaking. So, at least, I didn’t have pieces of needle falling down into the bobbin case or flying into the air and possibly my eye.

  7. Good morning everyone!
    Well I think I’ll get on board and try these needles. Thanks for all your input.

  8. The odd thing is that since you wrote the questions article, I have been using Superior titanium needles, and have broken TWO of them! I really haven’t broken needles regularly, so I wonder if I’m pushing and tugging too much with the thought that they’re stronger.

  9. Thank you, Lori, for this update and clarification. I listen to you and I always appreciate someone who is willing to look again, go deeper (well, hopefully not into your finger), and reconsider a stance or a statement. It shows integrity and openness to learning! I did ask around the MN quilt show without gaining much insight. In the end I bought chrome plated but I’ll be trying the titanium soon!

  10. Titanium needles sound like just the thing for me, as I tend to forget to change needles very often!

  11. I have been using the Superior Titanium coated needles for several years even though I have to order them online because my local sewing shops don’t stock them. That’s how much I like them. I’m glad you found your way to using them too Lori.

  12. I love the Superior Titanium needles. They do last a little longer and work very well in the machine.

  13. Waste of extra money, we trialled both titanium and ordinary needles and no difference in wear and tear, only titanium more expensive

  14. thanks for exploring the topic, good reminder to look at our tools etc. sometimes and to investigate options so we are able to enjoy our hobbies with the tools that are best for us. And are both safe and long-lasting.

  15. I just wanted to add my experience with needles. When my needles need changing, the entry movement down into the fabric causes a slapping sound at times or a thumping sound. The dulled tip is forcing its way into the fabric and produces that.
    If I continue sewing, it will eventually get louder. If I insert a new needle, there is no such sound produced. I plan to try titanium tipped ones soon.

  16. I love Superior Threads titanium needles. I’m glad you had an open mind and did the necessary research.

  17. Lori, I have been told by several quilters not to use Organ needles with my Bernina 830 (new 830) and I wondered if you knew anything about the reason for that? Thx for your help.

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