Mr. Nutcracker-A Christmas Whole Cloth Quilt

Mr. Nutcracker, FMQ, Lori KennedyGood Morning, Quilters!

I would like to say that I finished a Christmas project early….

Unfortunately, YOU all know this was last year’s project…

Mr. Nutcracker, FMQ, Lori Kennedy

I really had fun stitching this whole cloth quilt.

I tried my hand at a little Ruler Work…(A new challenge for me) and then I went back to my “happy place”–free motion quilting.

My challenge was to include a wide variety of motifs (How many do YOU recognize?) to embellish the nutcracker and then layer in textured motifs like Grid Pop.

Mr. Nutcracker, FMQ, Lori Kennedy I used several different threads:  Fine weight threads to create texture, heavier threads (28wt Aurfil cotton) for the white focus motifs, and a sprinkle of metallic thread for sparkle.

Mr. Nutcracker, FMQ, Lori Kennedy

Mr. Nutcracker, FMQ, Lori KennedyBuilding Blocks to fill in the background.Mr. Nutcracker, FMQ, Lori KennedyAnd then I agonized over the binding…

My next challenge is to create a second Nutcracker to hang by his side and guard my front door…or stitch a huge Christmas tree to hang in between…

Coming soon….well…2018?

What about YOU?

Have YOU started YOUR Christmas projects?  What are you working on?

It’s never too early!

We’d LOVE to hear!

Merry Stitching!


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26 thoughts on “Mr. Nutcracker-A Christmas Whole Cloth Quilt

  1. Lori, it is beautiful! I think it would be helpful and interesting if you advised how many hours of quilting you put into each project. I’m sure it would only be an estimate, but it would still be helpful to know.

  2. Love the nutcracker, l am a sucker for them, have a collection of them that stand 12- 18″ tall. They come out every Christmas along with the train that goes around the bottom of the tree. Lol! Best time of the year!
    Working on two celebration 150 Canadian quilts, one is a kit the other is one that l am doing for a nephew who graduated this year.

  3. Impressive as always! How tall is the Nutcracker? Have you seen the Christmas tree pattern “Tall Trim the Tree Pattern” by Cindi Edgerton? Mine hangs about 6′ tall.
    Lori, thanks for your ongoing tutorials, many have helped me finish quilts and improve my free motions skills.

  4. This piece was stunning at the MQ show last weekend. Personally it was my favorite of the faculty quilts. I am not working on Christmas projects this year because I did so many last year to give as gifts. However I am working on the MQ mystery quilt for next years show.

  5. I’ll bet you were so happy to be able to check that off your WIP list! It looks awesome.

  6. Only one word – WOW! It was delightful and surprising to open your post and see the wonderful Nutcracker.

  7. He is magnificent! I love your binding as well. I wonder how difficult it was to get the dots on the edge so even and straight.

  8. Just beautiful. I love nutcrackers, too. I finished my appliqued cat quilt that also used the attic windows template. It was originally a panel designed to be a pillow set. My niece is going to get this for xmas. Just knowing that it is done is huge relief and frees me up for new creative designs. every year, I pick one person on my list who will get a quilt and I work on that first. Any additional ones are a lark. In the case that I don’t finish it, then no worries, it’s already a WIP for next year. Thanks for sharing. “Christmas in July” is just around the corner. V-

  9. Absolutely exquisite !! and as Evelyn said, Magnificent ! This will be an heirloom for your family for it…do an angel now…LOL…The nutcraker was a labor of love I am sure, but still labor was involved.. Thanks for sharing…

  10. He’s so cute! I’m actually working on a Christmas quilt I started in October 2015 right now – just needs borders and then it’s ready for basting. I’m trying to par down my WIP list and this one was pretty easy to finish!

  11. I’m working on a quilt-along called Have a Jolly Little Christmas from Sew Fresh Quilts. So cute! All the blocks will be posted by summer’s end, and so far I’ve kept up. I’m promising myself that this will be a finished quilt before December 1. Of this year!

  12. Fantastic!! And I love the binding, too! So, what color is his “mate” going to be? I’m inspired to try my hand at making one, too, but think he’ll have to have a lot of blue (maybe Prussian Blue – I have some yardage I WAS going to use for a tree skirt.– Hmmm) . . . . Did you wind up drawing the pattern with a projector? I have SO many questions . . . . Too bad I only have wall space for one!!

  13. Lori, have you ever thought about making up these small quilt motifs into “kits” or patterns suggestions? My husband collects nutcrackers and this piece will be a challenge for me to complete….but I can do it with your posts. I so appreciate your daily posts with lots of things I can consider creating. You have given me boldness to try new things in FMQ. Isn’t it time you did ANOTHER Craftsy class?

      • Remember life’s priorities? balances? Assure us you are not obsessing. We don’t want you to burn out! I am sure there oodles of us among your fans who are old enough to be your mom. We love you, but I speak for myself only. Take care of yourself and now I will hush my nosy inquiry ! I won’t be disappointed if this isn’t approved for posting. Blessings for many years into the future.

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