10 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. You’ve got their interest Lois! They have tags in their ears…State Fair? Beautiful creatures!

  2. Y’all like my quilt? Thanks ! I enjoy hanging it outdoors.And I like your milk… and butter… and sour cream…

  3. Aaaahh, Bessie and Elsie meeting at the fence. You’re probably right, Marta, they’re checking out the quilts on the clothesline. I had a friend who grew up on a farm, and he always patted the cows. They loved him.

  4. My grandmother gave me a cow when I turned 16. She was a Jersey and I called her ‘Pet”. I only milked her a few times because my daddy had the milking job. She had many calves though out her life, she was well loved.
    Great picture.

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