Reporting from Minnesota Quilt Show

Lion King, Cherrywood Challenge

Good Morning, Quilters!

I am teaching at the Minnesota Quilt Show in Duluth, Minnesota–and having a great time!  I’ve met a lot of new people, viewed rooms full of gorgeous quilts and am allowed to talk about my favorite subject for four straight days in the BERNINA classroom!  Pinch me!

Lion King, Cherrywood Challenge

Today–a few pictures from the Cherrywood Lion King Challenge exhibit.

Lion King, Cherrywood Challenge

Each quilt is just 20 x 20 inches and as you can see, they are spectacular!!!
Lion King, Cherrywood Challenge

The next challenge is a Van Gogh challenge!! I can’t wait to see it…

In the mean time, I treated myself to some of their gorgeous hand dyed fabric.

I’m not sure I will ever be able to cut them up.

I will probably put the stack on my nightstand and pet it every night.

I know YOU know what I’m talking about….

Do YOU ever buy fabric that is just to pretty to put a rotary cutter to?

Happy Quilting!

I’ll be back next week renewed and ready to share!


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24 thoughts on “Reporting from Minnesota Quilt Show

  1. I worked at the Cherrywood booth in Chattanooga and loved, loved, loved having the Lion King exhibit right across from us. Eye candy every day!

  2. I actually have a lot of fabric that is so pretty, I’m afraid to cut into it!

    I was at that quilt show yesterday. You’re right, so many gorgeous quilts!

  3. Good morning Lori,
    Wow! How spectacularly beautiful! I wish they would come this way! (Montana)! I agree with Pam Hotle… where can one get to meet you? You are such an inspiration to me! THANK YOU for constantly keeping me motivated. I have sooooo many fabrics that I can’t seem to cut up, that I have told my kids to bury me in them! LOL!

  4. Enjoy to the fullest, Lady Lori !!! Few years ago, I realized fabric is an art object to me in many instances. I have …oh… maybe 10 that I just cannot cut..They are on hangers..I refold them every so often.. ( a pet session ! ). Those lions are incredible.. Any bunnies or giraffes?

  5. I bought Cherrywood fabrics back in the early nineties. When I went back to the booth years later and told the owner that I’d never cut into them, she encouraged me to use them. She said, “Just think what your kids will get for them at a garage sale when you die.” That motivated me!

  6. Aaaaamazing lions. The thread painting is spectacular. Inspirational and scary all of a once!
    P.S. Love the new banner. The ubiquitous tomato pin cushion. Will it disappear with our generation I wonder.

  7. Don’t have any kids to sell my fabrics at a garage sale – that is too funny. But, I inherited lots of fabric from my grandmother and mother – I mean LOTS. That taught me a big lesson – don’t wait. Enjoy them now – there are always new lovely fabrics coming out all the time. You should see my huge container of lace and trims – some with the packaging and pricing of $.05 – – I’m designing a lace crazy quilt to showcase them.

    • OH, a solution… I received a box of laces and trims from a neighbor and within a year had inherited 3X that amount from family. It was Ok because there were Centennial festivals being held in that era. I used laces for daughters’ costumes. However, the left over lace pile looks like none was used. I have used a few inches on crazy quilt blocks thru the years. I bet your lace crazy quilt will look delicious !

  8. I once bought a $75 batik fat quarter bundle just because I loved the colors. I justified the purchase because even if I never used it, it was pretty to look at and less expensive than a piece of artwork. A famous quilter (and I wish I could remember who – may have been Helen Kelley) once said, “if you take out your fabric once in a while and fondle it, it counts as using it!”

  9. Yes…too much but lately I have been enjoying turning them into beautiful quilts…I did panic once after giving one away as a gift but found the same OOP bundle in an etsy shop…whew!! No judging allowed. 🙂

  10. Beautiful, stunning, inspiring quilts at the show. Loved your faculty quilt Lori and it was wonderful meeting you too.

  11. Your nutcracker quilt was fun to see. You’re right the lion king display was wonderful. The juried quilts were amazing. I looked for which room you were teaching in but couldn’t locate it. So am saying hello this way.

  12. Hi Lori! It was wonderful to meet you walking around the non-judged portion of the quilt exhibit. (I was the one who was a “fan girl” saying – “You’re Lori Kennedy – Wow! Hi! I’m Adrienne from Thunder Bay”) I thoroughly enjoy your work and your posts. Thank you!

    • Adrienne—so happy to meet you!! Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself-I was thrilled!

  13. I LOVE Cherrywood fabric. I buy their scrap bags which seem easy enough to cut up. I do have some other fabric in a container which almost looks like a complex rainbow & I use it for decoration. Cut it up? Not so sure…it works well as is.

  14. What a thrill to see my Cherrywood quilt “Deuce” among your photos. When you see all the quilts together it is so visually dramatic and beautiful.

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