Green Thumb?

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Good Morning, Quilters!

While I love gardens, I don’t always have a green thumb…

After weeding all day,

-I picked up a scrap of fabric–a tutorial (see the yellow flowers?) and just started quilting.

These little exercises allow me a chance to clear my head, but as quilts..

most are “fails”…

Once in a while there’s a happy surprise!

I’ll be in my Sewing Garden again tonight!

Your Green Thumbed Quilter,


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21 thoughts on “Green Thumb?

  1. So very cute. I love how you “just started quilting”! And turn out something like that. I can’t wait to see you demo in person in Oct in Iowa!

    • I love all your work Lori. I also don’t do ” Perfect ” but I just say to myself, Everyone can dust, not everyone can sew. That’s my reasoning for failure’s or nearly ok lol.

  2. No green thumb here, I leave that to my DH. My quilting endeavors are at half and half, but at least I have half good! I understand you will be at the MQ Quilt Show in ing to see you then.

  3. If you are not always green thumbed, it seems to me that you are ever more all the Colors quilting handed. Thank you so much for that lovely quilted garden we are offered today !

  4. Lori – I so enjoy seeing your creativity. The scale and proportions of the flowers and fill (pebbles, swirls, echoing, etc) are just lovely and makes the flowers pop. When you ‘just start quilting’ how do you flow? Are you quilting the larger flowers first, then filling in, or moving from flower to some fill, then another flower? I enjoy the flow of FMQ but don’t always move easily from one design element (flowers) to the next while adding fill between them. Just wondering how you approach this. As always, thank for your great blog!

    • Usually I add a large element, then echo stitch and add other elements–circles, spirals,swirls to travel to the next open area–an area large enough to add the next large element, then I back fill with the smaller motifs, and as soon as I’m in a position to add big flower, I stitch that. So the sequence is: Large whenever there’s space, small filler to travel and small filler to back fill between two large elements. Does that make sense???

      • When is the movie coming out? Would love to watch that process sometime!! Enjoying the red banner at top today. Thanks…I assume the bunnies hopped back into the woods…:)

  5. Hi Lori, when you are quilting and miss an area (like in bottom of the picture above) do you echo back to that area or do you start afresh to fill that area?

  6. Hi Lori – I can’t imagine any of your work as a failure! Thank you for sharing wips – work in progress. It demonstrates to me how a quilt can morph into something really amazing over time. Keep sharing your “failed” pieces because I learn more every time I open your blogs! Cheers, Vivian

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