Happening at Quilt Market 2017

Quilt Market 2017

Good Morning, Quilters!

Llamas are IN!  (Foxes and hedgehogs…on their way out?)

Quilt Market 2017

Elizabeth Hartman Pattern, Lola and Lloyd

International Quilt Market is a trade show hosted by Quilts, Inc.  twice a year.  Vendors from all over the world show their wares to quilt stores.

I attended the event to market my book…


Quilt Market 2017

I presented a short book chat to store owners, did a few book signings and was able to demonstrate in the BERNINA booth–Thanks, BERNINA!!!

Quilt Market 2017


It was also an opportunity to hang out with old friends:

Quilt Market 2017

Kelly Ashton, Kellyquilter

Quilt Market 2017

Ann Hammel, American Quilter Editor-in-Chief

Quilt Market 2017

Bear Patch Quilting, White Bear Lake, MN

Quilt Market 2017

Sandy Fitzpatrick, Hissyfitz Designs

Quilt Market 2017

Find Sandy’s on-trend llama pattern HERE


I was also excited to meet new friends!  (Thank you to all who stopped to introduce themselves and chat about free motion quilting!)

Quilt Market 2017

Quilt Market 2017

Debby Brown, Debby Brown Quilts

It was a whirlwind of activity!

Thank you to all the lovely ladies from Martingale who made me feel right at home in their booth!

(PS…Book 3 and Craftsy 3–Coming 2018!!!!)

One excited quilter!





The Spring Quilt-a-Long: More HST Quilting Motifs


Machine Quilting Half Square Triangles, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

Are you ready to stitch?  Let’s continue our Spring Quilt-a-Long (before I have to re-name it the Summer QAL!)

On Tuesday we stitched the far right row of half square triangles.

Today we will stitch the far left row.
Spring QAL, Lori Kennedy

First let’s address a few questions that you had.

Why do you start on the bottom of the quilt and not on top?

Hmmm….I’m not sure!  I arrange the quilt so the bulk of the quilt is to the left of the machine-not under the harp space.  It doesn’t matter if you start at the top of the row or the bottom.  I usually start at the bottom–mostly out of habit and because the bulk of the quilt is supported on the table when I start–and it moves into my lap as I go along.  There is no reason you couldn’t start the other way.

Why do you use Aurifil cotton 50 wt in the bobbin and Sulky Rayon 40 wt on top?

That thread combination is my “go-to” combo.  I know how it looks and that the two threads combine well together.  YOU may have two entirely different choices depending on your quilt, the batting, your sewing machine.  It is good to come up with YOUR “go-to” combo…then start adding new threads to try.

I like threads like Sulky Rayon with a bit of sheen on top.  40 wt thread is a slightly heavy thread and shows up well.

Because it is a slippery thread, I find it works best when I use a less slippery thread–like cotton in the bobbin.  It helps the machine make a nice stitch.  I used an 80wt cotton Aurifil in the bobbin this time–it’s new to me, but a thin thread will last longer in your bobbin.


To stitch this motif we will stitch four triangles:  up, sideways, down, sideways–to form our X.

Begin stitching in the lower left corner of the square.

Stitch toward the center, stopping a few stitches short of the center.

Stitch to the lower right corner to create the first triangle.

Stitching on the light fabric, add a sideways triangle, ending in the upper right corner.

Stitch a downward triangle, ending in the upper left corner.

Stitch a sideways triangle, ending in the bottom left corner.

The “X” is complete.

Stitch in the ditch or close to the seam on the left side of the first HST to begin the next HST in the row. If you have trouble stitching to the center of the HST–and your Xs are catawampus (I look for excuses to use that word!)

Use chalk to mark the center.  Usually, once you stitch for a while you won’t have to mark–your eye will improve.

Once all the HST are machine quilted, stitch a straight line down the right side of each square to complete the pattern.

There you have it!

Another simple way to stitch HSTs!Machine Quilting Half Square Triangles, Lori Kennedy

Keep it simple and you’ve got it made!

Your Simple Quilting Tutor,


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