Flower of the Month-Machine Quilting Tutorial

Lily of the Valley, Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting

Good Morning,Quilters!

Good thing there are 31 days in May!  I needed all 31 days to finish this tutorial before the deadline  end of the month!

If YOUR birthday is in May–Happy (belated) Birthday!


Lily of the Valley is YOUR birthday flower!

How lucky for YOU!  I LOVE everything about this pretty little flower–from the shape of the leaves, the nodding flowers and the scent!  Lilies of the Valley represent humility, purity and is said to bring luck in love.  This beautiful bouquet flower also means a “return to happiness”.

It’s a perfect flower for YOUR next quilt.  If your birthday is in May, perhaps you could add a single Lily to each of your quilts as your hidden signature?


Begin by drawing two parallel lines.  Begin stitching in between the two lines.  Start with a curlicue knot and sweep to the left sideline.  Stitch on the left side line for several stitches.


Lily of the Valley, Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting

Taper near the tip of the line and sweep back to the starting line.  Lily of the Valley, Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting

Sweep back to the left sideline.Lily of the Valley, Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting

Curl around to the center Lily of the Valley, Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting

Add the left side of the “nodding bell” of the lily.Lily of the Valley, Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting

Add three triangles to form the lower aspect of the Lily.Lily of the Valley, Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting

Add the right side of the “bell” of the Lily.Lily of the Valley, Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting

Sweep to the right sideline to begin the next Lily in the border.

Taper slightly then sweep back to the beginning.Lily of the Valley, Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting

Sweep to the right sideline and curl around.  Stitch a simple Lily shape.Lily of the Valley, Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting


For a larger border, stitch two rows of Lilies with a different motif in the center.
Lily of the Valley, Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting

With a little doodling, this motif could be transformed into an allover motif–give it a try!

May all YOUR quilts be completed weeks before the deadline!


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29 thoughts on “Flower of the Month-Machine Quilting Tutorial

  1. Just received your book this morning. Wow!!!! Thank you so very much for all the information, beautiful pictures and step by step instructions. Truly an amazing addition to my sewing room and quilting journey.
    Can’t wait to try this new motif! Thank you!!!!!

  2. Just love the Lily of the Valley! Lori, congrats on your blog followers going over 10,000!!! That’s a real accomplishment! Good for you and lucky them. You open up a whole new part of quilting to all who follow your wonderful directions!

  3. I think I love this more than feat.hers! How beautiful and the idea of using your birth month flower as a secret signature is a great idea

  4. What a terrific pattern…. will certainly use it in my sashings…. thx Lori…. hopefully see you next week in Duluth

  5. Love your Lily of the Valley. My Grandmother had a bed of these that we were allowed to pick. I believe that gave me my love of flowers. Thank you.

  6. Absolutely lovely. You are a true artist, and so generous to share your skill and talent online. How far apart are your drawn lines?

  7. The lily is very elegant. I especially like how you’ve paired it for a border. These are the kinds of designs I most appreciate. Thank you for your creativity and your willingness to share.

  8. Oh this touches my heart so deeply. I love this design, Lori. My mother in law had these in her garden and the memories of their fragrance still lingers in my mind. She and I both loved the Lily of the Valley flowers. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent. As a new long-arm beginner, I am so grateful to have found your website. It helps me have more confidence in my future skill.

  10. Thank you, Lori. Perfect timing. I needed a border motif for the project I am in the middle of quilting. You are so talented. I can’t imagine how you come up with all these ideas. 🙂

  11. Love the Lily of the Valley. I really need to stitch this sometime. My Dad use to wear a Lily of the Valley on his lapel when they were in bloom!

  12. Never thought I’d call the humble lily of the valley “elegant” but the way that you paired them – that is the word that comes to mind. Thank you for another lovely motif!

  13. Lovely! You always surprise me with your endless creativity. Why can’t I think of these motifs?

  14. Used to be..back in the day..most houses on the block had their bed of “lily of the valley” and they spread like crazy and when they bloomed, nothing ever smelled so sweet as those tiny little delicate flowers. Thanks Lori, for this so-pretty version.

  15. Thank you! This is perfect timing. I have a challenge piece I’m working on, which is based on the gemstone and flower associated with our birth month. I was just wondering yesterday about how I might quilt a lily of the valley in the background. Now I think I need a whole border of them!

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