7 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. When I first viewed this, the word that came to my mind was “intensity”……both are so focused on their part of the ‘task’. Luv this one (can totally relate to the focus “thing”!)

  2. This is a Mother’s Day portrayal if I ever saw one…Cassatt does it again! The heavier strokes in the background helps their faces look even more soft and tender. However I read in her bio that she was interested in “force” not “sentimentality”. I see both here. The painting says to me, “Look what they are doing ! ” I am looking, Mary, I love all your work. And I identify with your eye problems.. have the same..being sent to retina specialist monday. I think force is probably same as intensity.

  3. I love how you end the week with your fine art portraits. They are beautiful and calming and much appreciated. I have recently found your site, and love it! Thank you for sharing all of your designs and one day I hope to begin the process of practicing what you teach…pretty new for me.

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