What’s for Lunch Mama Bird?


Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

What’s for Lunch Mama Bird? seems an appropriate quilt for this week…

We just made quilt sandwiches for our Spring Quilt-a-long and Sunday is Mother’s Day.

One day I picked up a quilt sandwich that had some quilting on it–the spirals on top and the heart spirals on the bottom…and I started quilting the bird.

I had doodled the bird and the nest in my sketchbook, and thought I would try it on the scrap fabric.

It is one of my favorite quilts because it just flowed without too much effort.  Some quilts are like that…others torture us–the fabric, the color, nothing goes together as planned.

If you doodle, good things appear…

as if by magic…

Now I only wish lunch would appear…

(No thank you to the worms, Mama Bird!)

May YOUR quilts flow effortlessly!


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14 thoughts on “What’s for Lunch Mama Bird?

  1. Another beautiful design. Simply Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. If I had half the talent you possess I would consider myself lucky.

  2. The birds at my house will be having love bugs and gnats for lunch. Its their season !
    In about 2 weeks we can step onto the deck without getting swarmed!
    Lori, the mama bird and babes are precious..Last night I found an unfinished 20″ practice sandwich…will try doodling the bird first tho.

  3. How ADORABLE!
    Makes me want to practice FMQ. I do have all the resources, having followed you for a long time; Of course, I have your lovely book, signed by you. Not to mention I have your classes on Craftsy. I have a stash of beautiful fabrics- prints, solids, etc.
    We’re feeding birds, so there you go.
    I want to add two tips for others.
    I’m moving my sewing room downstairs. I didn’t like the florescent lighting. Even with my Ott lights, colors didn’t look right.
    Anyway- I went to Home Depot and got two LED replacement tube type bulbs, changed them, and it is just wonderful. I got the highest light, which is outdoor.
    They were very inexpensive and I love the natural light. It’s LED for me now.
    I’m sure that you know all this Lori, since you have a sewing studio. I hope others will try this.
    #2 is that I found Microquilt invisible thread on Superior’s website. I ordered white and a purple. It’s very strong and very fine and has a nice feel. It’s good for applique, and quilting, of course, when you want the design to stand out, not the thread.
    I’d better go check on my yellow finches, orioles and others at my feeders.
    Then check on your cute birdies!

    • Carolina, we have a mix of 2 flourescent ceiling lights… 4 ft long in ceiling of my sewing room and Ott lamps which I move around.
      There is also a “regular” bulb in another lamp. The colors of my fabrics change…no mystery there.. I wait and take them to daylight outside when there is an issue. Which bulbs of yours were retired? Where are the new LED’s? ceiling? lamps?, still have Otts? With the sudden increase of the effects of macular degeneration in one eye, we will be changing all the lighting in sewing room and by my chair in living room where I hand sew and doodle and text grandkids. Any advice about lighting will be appreciated.

  4. So I am very curious about the order of events on this piece. I see some white threads and then others that are blending into the fabric more. Which did you do first? And did you sketch this design on the fabric before quilting or totally free hand it? I’m kind of new to your blog so I’m not familiar with your processes yet. I just know I love the looks of them!

    • I had a quilt sandwich with the white spirals on it. I wanted to try the bird. So I plopped it in the middle. I liked that so I started filling in the other motifs. Not much planning–but because I doodle a lot sometimes unplanned pieces come out quite well. (Not always). If I had planned the composition I wouldnt have had the spirals but I do think they add an unexpected and pleasant touch.

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