Teaching at Minnesota Quilters’ Show and Conference

Background Sampler, Lori Kennedy

Background Sampler

Good Morning, Quilters!

I’m excited to be teaching this year at the Minnesota Quilters’ 39th Annual Quilt Show!

I will be teaching four full day classes:  Background Sampler, Border Sampler, The Sailboat Sampler and a Thread Sampler.

In addition to learning the motifs, each class will include information on design, knotting, thread choice and much more…

Minnesota Quilters

We are going to work like dogs…but have lots of fun, too!

Border Sampler, Lori Kennedy

Border Sampler

Sailboat Sampler, Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting

Sailboat Sampler

Background Sampler, Lori Kennedy

Thread Sampler

There are a few openings in my classes…

June is a nice month in Minnesota!

I hope YOU will join me!



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7 thoughts on “Teaching at Minnesota Quilters’ Show and Conference

  1. Oh darn I am already committed to a charity retreat that weekend in Omaha. Would have loved to have attended.

  2. Will be at the show but can’t take any classes….hopefully I’ll get a chance to say Hi…. just love your blog and your book… thanks Lori

  3. Congrats, and have some fun. I’m sure it can be gruelling teaching long classes like that, but it does minimize confusion. I’ll relate a short story that’ll elicit a giggle and an “aha”. At the sewing show in Victoria this March one of the presenters did about four one-hour presentations in the same day. The first one I went to was “39 things to do with fabric scraps”. We were ten minutes into the presentation before someone in the audience asked “am I in the wrong room, because I signed up for 39 ….”. The light dawned and the presenter realized she was giving us her free-motion beginners presentation. We all had a good laugh, and she switched gears smoothly. Later, in her FMQ class, she looked around at all of us, and said “this IS the FMQ class, right?” She’s very good and very quick, and well able to roll with the punches.

  4. Just got your book today and have one of your Craftsy classes. I am running out of excuses to try machine quilting. Thanks for the information. I will be at the quilt show but won’t be able to take a class. The people who take your classes will be lucky.

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